About Dayne

South Carolina criminal attorney Dayne Phillips has one singular goal in every case: to get the best result possible for his clients. Through a combination of hard work and open communication, Dayne has been able to successfully represent people charged with a variety of different crimes.

As a Criminal Defense Lawyer, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help people in South Carolina. My goal in every case is to make a difference in that person’s life. It is an amazing responsibility and rewarding experience. I defend the Constitution, and a person’s right to have their side of the story told. Some people are wrongfully accused, while others simply made a mistake and need help. The truth is that many defendants are either incorrectly or overcharged based on what actually happened. My passion is to stand up against the Government and fight for those people. Simply put, no person should be accused of something they didn’t do or be defined by the worst thing they have ever done.

If you need help defending your case in court, a South Carolina criminal lawyer could help you prepare for and make a good impression at trial. Dayne could help you prepare for all aspects of a criminal trial, including the all-important direct and cross-examination questions, and how to answer them.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Dayne Phillips