Building a Columbia Armed Robbery Defense

If you are facing armed robbery charges, you should consult with a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible. In South Carolina, armed robbery is a felony charge and carries serious penalties. Reach out to a dedicated armed robbery attorney today. The sooner you call a lawyer, the sooner they could begin building a Columbia armed robbery defense for you.

Evidence Used in Armed Robbery Cases

By law, the government is required to provide all exculpatory information. However, when a defendant files a Rule 5 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure, that opens up the state to turn over more evidence that is not specifically included. This is called a Brady request or basic discovery request. Most attorneys would argue that Rule 5 is not necessary because a person’s constitutional right under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment, which is to present a complete defense, gives them an edge where the state should turn over other documents that are specifically listed in the file. Also, that person’s due process right to a fair trial would be denied if they were not turned over.

In addition to obtaining the evidence previously mentioned, there could be other evidence that the lawyer is specifically looking for. Whether it is video recordings, surveillance videos, photographs of the items allegedly stolen, and all other types of evidence that would be related to the case. This is so the attorney could see whether they need to hire a private investigator or if they have certain witnesses that they need to interview to get their version of events. Once an attorney obtains the evidence, they could begin to piece the puzzle together and start building a Columbia armed robbery defense.

Considering a Plea Deal

Every defendant has a constitutional right to a jury trial. However, that is not appropriate in every case. Depending on the strengths of the government’s case and the risk or reward, there may be a disadvantage of going to trial. Going to trial can be a gamble because the defendant is not in control of the jurors and their decisions.

After assessing the facts of the case, the defendant’s attorney may attempt to work out a deal with the prosecution in order for a lesser charge or penalties. However, it is important to know that it is always the defendant’s call on whether to take a plea deal or fight the case through a trial. A seasoned defense lawyer will advise the defendant on what their best options are and what road they may want to take.

An Attorney Could Help with Building a Columbia Armed Robbery Defense

When building a Columbia armed robbery defense, the first step is requesting all of the evidence that is in possession of the government. After obtaining the evidence, the defendant’s lawyer could review the strengths and weaknesses of the case. The attorney will then sit down with the defendant to find out their side of the story. This process helps the lawyer craft a strong defense to the state’s claims. If you are facing charges, reach out to a skilled defense lawyer today.

Columbia Armed Robbery Lawyer