Benefits Of a Columbia Sex Crimes Attorney

There are many benefits of a Columbia sex crimes attorney. The primary benefit of having an attorney when facing sex crimes charges is that the attorney is going to act as a shield between a person and the government. The government will have put together facts as a steamroller to try to get their conviction at all costs. Unfortunately, the social stigma of being charged with a sex crime, the person’s reputation, and their freedom and livelihood are at stake, so the charge is serious. An experienced lawyer will know how to identify legal defenses, how to put together the mitigation evidence in the client’s favor, and how to hire expert witnesses to challenge the evidence that the state puts forward. The lawyer’s job is to do their own independent investigation and prepare a strategy to build the best defense possible based on the evidence that is presented.

It is never too early for a skilled sex crimes lawyer to get involved in a case. The earlier they are hired, the better. You should look for a lawyer as soon as possible. There is evidence that could be destroyed, and a sex crimes attorney will want to work on building a successful defensive strategy.

Different Types of Penalties

The penalties for sex crimes can vary depending on which crime is charged. A criminal sexual criminal conduct in the third-degree carries up to 10 years in prison, whereas criminal sexual conduct in the first degree carries up to 30 years. That changes if the person has been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The penalty could be even greater for a first-degree offense with a victim who is a minor. In other words, the penalties can range from a few years of jail time to life in prison. If the person faces a charge of sexual exploitation of a minor, the penalty will change depending on whether the charge is first degree, second degree, or third degree.

Third-degree does not have a mandatory minimum sentence, second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor has a minimum required sentence. This means that a convicted person will go to prison.

What to Expect From an Attorney?

In a sex crimes case, a charged person should expect that their attorney will be candid with them and will sit them down and tell them what to expect. Not only their reputation, but their livelihood and freedom is at stake, so they should expect their lawyer to take the issue seriously and prepare for a long, drawn-out case.

These cases generally are not resolved very quickly. They may last for at least a year or two years.  A charged person needs an attorney who is going to be able to help them through that process and can navigate through it to put them in the best position to get the best result.

What they need to expect is an attorney whose experience is going to help them along the way and who is going to defend them aggressively to the end. People get that by finding the right attorney. The one they feel comfortable with, and the one they know has experience defending these cases, is the one they want to pick.

The Value of Trust

The attorney-client relationship is built on trust. The defendant must believe that their attorney has their back and is fighting for them. They need to trust that the attorney is doing everything that they can to make sure that they get the best result possible, and the client does not have to go to prison.

Any lawyer that makes a guarantee is one that people should avoid. There are no guarantees in the courtroom, and the lawyer should be candid with their client by telling them about the worst and best possible scenarios for their case.

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The first role of an attorney in a sex crimes case is to conduct an independent investigation, hire the necessary expert witnesses, prep the client on what to expect, and prepare the case as if it were going to trial regardless of of the likely outcome. The attorney should be as prepared as possible, should start building strategy defense immediately, and should aggressively defend the charge to try to get the best result possible. Attorneys always work to defend their client. They use every tool in their proverbial tool belt to make sure that their rights are protected and to try to make sure the client does not go to prison.

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