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Online piracy is when a student is using either a computer or some type of electronic device to obtain the copyrighted material. This usually involves music, movies, online videos, and books. When that happens on college campuses using the school’s internet, it implicates the college in the cybercrime. It is a federal crime, and the federal government takes a hard-line stance on it. Since they accept federal money, many of the public colleges and universities have to take an aggressive stance against it.

If you have been accused of obtaining copyrighted material on campus, an experienced cybercrimes lawyer could help your case. Speak to a knowledgeable Columbia student online piracy lawyer.

What Materials or Intellectual Property Are Involved in Online Piracy Investigations?

Most campus piracy investigations are done by the IT guys trying to get as much information as they can as far as the IP address. They will locate which computer downloaded certain information by trying to track it down to a specific student. Most university platforms have their own kinds of portals and networks the students are on, so they have to use those to try to figure out who committed the violations.

Online Piracy Investigations

If campus online piracy cases are reported to the office of student conduct and academic integrity, it is not equipped to investigate, so it goes to the information technology division of the university. Online piracy investigations are technology-driven, mainly downloading information and collecting as much independent information, such as the  IP address, as possible.

What Rights Do Students Have Against Unreasonable Searches or Seizures?

Students have a constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by governments, federal, and state. However, there are situations, in which a student is using university equipment, internet, and infrastructure, and when they do that, they waive their rights and their ability to challenge a search. Often, they signed paperwork that they consent to a search, and that issue comes up in many cases because that is one of the cornerstone defenses in those cases.

A diligent attorney could ensure that the student’s rights have not been violated in any way.

Schedule a Consultation With a Columbia Student Online Piracy Attorney

A student defense attorney can help students facing campus piracy charges by calling expert witnesses to review certain evidence. They know the who, what, when, where, how, and why of what to do in building the best defense possible. The attorney should have that experience and know what they need to do as long as the student provides them with the information they need to be in the best position possible to build a strategic plan of defense.

Speak to a seasoned Columbia student online piracy lawyer to get started building a defense.

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