Fake ID Confiscation in Columbia

For many college students, this is the first time that they have ever been outside of adult supervision. Generally, they live around college bars or people that are old enough to consume alcohol, and this leads to the proliferation of fake IDs. They can be used to purchase alcohol underage or to attend 21-and-older bars so that the student does not feel that they are missing out. Although it is a tale as old as time, students could get into serious trouble if they are caught using a fake ID.

Students who have had their fake identification confiscated should reach out to a tenacious defense attorney. A diligent attorney could help students learn about the laws regarding fake ID confiscation in Columbia, their rights, options, and potential penalties.

Detecting Fake IDs

Law enforcement has new technology and different techniques to spot fake IDs such as mobile scanners to check whether the licenses are valid.  In many fake ID cases, people immediately confess to the police. They have an absolute right to remain silent, and they do not have to answer any questions.

If law enforcement asks them for the ID and they already see it, they have to provide it to the officer. Other than that, they do not have to tell officers anything. They do not have to provide them with any additional information. If the ID is in their wallet, and the officer asks them for their ID, the student can ask them if they are being detained. If so, then they can invoke the right to counsel. If they are not being detained, they can walk away.

Things might get escalated very quickly with law enforcement officers, but they have the right to remain silent, and they have the right to a lawyer.  They need to make sure that they exercise those rights when appropriate.

Confiscation On Campus And Off-Campus

It does not matter if a student’s fake ID is confiscated off campus or on campus. The only thing that is affected by the location is the likelihood of the incident getting reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. That likelihood is much higher if it happens on campus than off-campus. If a student with a fake ID gets caught on campus or by the University of South Carolina Police Department, the likelihood that the Office of Student Conduct finds out about it is high; whereas if the incident occurs somewhere outside of campus or by another police department, that probability is lower.

Consequences of a Fake ID

From a criminal standpoint, a person with a fake ID in Columbia could face a misdemeanor in criminal court. On the student conduct side, they may face remedial measures such as specific courses to take or reflection essays to write.

They also face possible suspension or expulsion, but the likelihood of that on a fake ID first offense is low if they have never been in trouble at school. Being put on probation is a possibility, which can include specific conditions that the student must complete.

How a Fake ID Attorney Could Help

An experienced attorney who has dealt with these student offense cases and has navigated these waters before can tell a charged student what to expect and what they need to do to be successful.

If the issue is a criminal matter, diversionary programs for young people can include things like AEP also known as alcohol education program; there is PTI also known as pretrial intervention.  Mitigation evidence presented by the lawyer can vary depending on the facts of each case. Speak to a tenacious attorney to learn more about fake ID confiscation in Columbia.