Spartanburg Conspiracy Lawyer

Conspiracy charges are brought when the state alleges that two or more people colluded together in an attempt to commit an illegal act. These serious accusations could result in a prison sentence and high fines even if you never actually carried out any crime. Prosecutors often use these charges as a weapon, but you can fight back with a proper legal defense strategy.

If you face conspiracy charges under state law, your rights, reputation, and freedom are at risk. Work with a persistent defense lawyer to contest the allegations against you. An experienced Spartanburg conspiracy lawyer is ready to consult with you and craft an effective strategy for your situation.

Definition of Conspiracy under South Carolina Law

To get a conviction, a prosecutor must prove the elements of a conspiracy crime set forth by state law. The first element is that some form of agreement existed between two or more individuals to engage in some form of illicit conduct, or that legal activities were accomplished through illegal procedures. Although an agreement is required, there is no requirement that the agreement be written down or contractual in any way. In fact, it does not even need to be spoken aloud. A prosecutor could argue that the conspiracy agreement was implied and understood by both parties.

If the prosecutor can prove the first element, they are also required to prove that the defendant had intent to be a part of the conspiracy. More specifically, they must prove that the defendant knowingly participated in the illicit agreement with the intent to accomplish some illegal act. The prosecutor is required to prove both elements beyond a reasonable doubt. This high legal standard places the burden of proof on the prosecutor and provides possible avenues for a legal defense.

Can I be Charged with Conspiracy if I did Nothing Illegal?

Importantly, the only requirement for bringing conspiracy charges is an agreement to commit an illegal act. It does not matter if the crime is ever accomplished or even attempted. Conspiracy simply refers to the agreement with intent to commit an illegal act.

However, many conspiracy cases involve other criminal charges for the illegal act completed or attempted. As such, conspiracy charges often add to the potential penalties a defendant faces and may be used as a bargaining chip by the state prosecutor. However, a skilled conspiracy attorney could help defendants to prepare for and combat these prosecutorial tactics.

Defending a Conspiracy Charge in Spartanburg

When a person faces conspiracy charges, they need a customized legal defense prepared for their specific situation. A lawyer may defend against conspiracy charges by using the following common defenses:

  • Demonstrate that no agreement ever occurred
  • Show that no intent existed
  • Present reasonable doubt to the jury
  • Show that no illegal act was planned or accomplished
  • Prove that no co-conspirators were present

The right local attorney could make all the difference in successfully defending a conspiracy case and mitigating the potential penalties.

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If you are facing charges or are under investigation for conspiracy, do not delay in getting legal help. An experienced Spartanburg conspiracy lawyer could help you find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and build the strongest possible defense. Taking a proactive approach to the charges against you is often key in protecting your rights, so call today to schedule a consultation.