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Most allegations of criminal offenses flow through the relevant State criminal court.  However, special procedures apply when an alleged offense takes place on federal property.  Regardless of the exact nature of the charge, these cases apply in United States District Court because of federal jurisdiction.  As applied to supposed offenses at Fort Jackson, the case will take place in the United States District Court of South Carolina.

Any person who has received a violation notice concerning an alleged criminal offense on federal property needs to act quickly to protect themselves.  A conviction for these offenses can lead to serious consequences according to state law.  In addition, if a defendant is a member of the military, a poor outcome in court could negatively affect their career.

A Fort Jackson criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.  They explain why an alleged violation of state law is taking place in federal court and meet with people to hear their side of the story to identify realistic goals.  The criminal defense lawyer will then fight to achieve those goals by providing the best defense possible.

Allegations of Wrongdoing on Federal Property are Federal Cases

The State of South Carolina defines various criminal activities under State law.  These laws apply everywhere in the State, even on federal property despite federal jurisdiction.  The local law enforcement agencies, in the case of Fort Jackson, the military police, have full authority to enforce these laws.  They have the power to stop suspects, conduct investigations, and to issue violation notices that require a person to appear in federal court to answer the charges.

The United States District Court of South Carolina has the authority to try these cases.  The court will make rulings on evidence and determine the guilt of suspects based solely on the violations of State law that the military police have believed to have taken place.  As a result, it is essential for people to work with attorneys who understand both State law and federal criminal procedure.  A skilled Fort Jackson criminal defense attorney could provide guidance in both areas.

Common Examples of Offenses that May Occur on Federal Property

As stated above, South Carolina law applies to all land within the borders of the State, even federal property.  Examples of this property can include:

  • Military installations, such as Fort Jackson
  • Veterans’ Administration property, such as hospitals or benefits centers
  • Air Force bases
  • Federal courthouses

Individuals may face a variety of charges in these areas that apply equally across the State.  For example, it is illegal to drive while drunk anywhere in the State, federal property included.  Other examples can include assaults, drug possession, disorderly conduct, and theft such as shoplifting.

Even though the cases will take place in federal court, the penalties for conviction fall under State laws.  This can be a relief as State laws for convictions generally carry lesser penalties than their equivalents under Federal law.  Still, especially for active members of the military, avoiding a conviction is of the highest priority.  Even a conviction that only requires a person to pay a fine to the Central Violations Bureau will create a criminal record.  An experienced Fort Jackson criminal defense attorney could help people to avoid this outcome.

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The laws that prohibit criminal activity in South Carolina apply to all territory within the State’s borders.  This includes property of the federal government, such as Fort Jackson, federal courthouses, air force bases, and veterans’ administration buildings.  An arrest for any alleged violation of the law can carry consequences under State law, but the trial will take place in a federal courthouse.

It is essential that if you are facing allegations of committing an offense at Fort Jackson that you act quickly to protect yourself.  A conviction in court for even a misdemeanor can result in the payment of fines, a jail term, and the creation of a criminal record.  If you are in the military, this could also lead to discipline or a discharge.

A Fort Jackson criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.  They can stand by your side to explain the law, protect your rights in court, and to create reasonable doubt to defeat the prosecutor’s case.  Reach out to a lawyer today to let them get to work for you.

Fort Jackson Criminal Defense Lawyer