About Dayne

South Carolina criminal attorney Dayne Phillips has one singular goal in every case: to get the best result possible for his clients. Through a combination of hard work and open communication, Dayne has been able to successfully represent people charged with a variety of different crimes.

The South Carolina criminal process can be both complicated and lengthy, up to and throughout a jury trial. Contrary to what most people believe, there is much more to a criminal jury trial than witness testimony that is presented on the witness stand.

Other factors, such as the criminal defendant’s conduct and body language on-and-off the stand, play a large role in how the defendant is perceived by jury members.

If you have decided to take your case to trial, a South Carolina criminal lawyer can help you prepare for and make a good impression at trial. An attorney can help you prepare for all aspects of a criminal trial, including the all-important direct and cross-examination questions, and how to answer them.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Dayne Phillips