South Carolina Professional License Defense Lawyer

South Carolina Defense Attorney for Licensed ProfessionalsSouth Carolina professionals rely on their licenses to operate their businesses, make a living, and build strong connections within their communities. Nurses, cosmetologists, realtors, contractors, and other professionals must meet state licensing requirements, including guidelines for conduct.

However, anyone can file a complaint against a licensed professional, whether the complaint has merit or not. An accusation of professional misconduct jeopardizes your licenses, your living, and your reputation. If you have been accused of professional misconduct or unethical behavior, you will need to reach out to a skilled South Carolina professional license defense lawyer for assistance. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated defense attorney could make a difference in your case.

Professional Licensing in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (LLR) licenses to individuals and businesses in 41 different professions. These include business professionals such as accountants, contractors, engineers, and real estate agents. Medical professionals can include dentists, nurses, and counselors to massage therapists, chiropractors, and veterinarians. Even social workers, cosmetologists, and auctioneers are overseen by this department. For example, the South Carolina Board of Dentistry requires that licensed dentists across the state comply with standard infection control protocol to protect their patients. If a client or patient believes that a licensed professional has failed to comply with licensing board regulations, they can file a formal complaint.

The Complaint and Investigation Process

Filing a complaint against a licensed professional is as simple as visiting the South Carolina LLR’s website. In other words, anyone can file a complaint against someone whose career is regulated by the LLR. Once a complaint has been filed, it is up to the LLR to determine whether the complaint has merit. If the LLR finds that the complaint reasonably alleges a violation of professional standards, the agency will launch an investigation. The LLR notifies professionals under investigation within 30 days after the process starts. If the investigation turns up evidence that the professional violated their licensing board’s standards or policies, the case proceeds to a board review and possibly a hearing before the licensing board. Any professional facing a complaint or pending investigation has the right to rely on a dedicated South Carolina professional license defense attorney for help during the process.

Potential Penalties

If the licensing board concludes that the professional under investigation has violated board practices, they could face serious penalties such as:

  • Fines
  • Private or public censure
  • Formal reprimand
  • Probation
  • Suspension or termination of professional license

The penalties someone could face for violating a licensing board practice depends on the severity of the violation. A seasoned South Carolina lawyer can help those accused of a professional license violation by acting as an aggressive advocate for their defense.

Reach Out to a South Carolina Professional License Defense Attorney

Out of hundreds of thousands of licensees across the state, the South Carolina LLR estimates that roughly 2% receive a professional complaint each year. That means that thousands of working professionals must face this investigation process and the potential loss of their license. If you are one of the many licensed professionals who face such a complaint each year, retain a qualified South Carolina professional license defense lawyer today to advocate on your behalf and defend your reputation.

South Carolina Professional License Defense Lawyer