Goose Creek Criminal Defense Lawyer

Allegations of criminal activity come in many forms. Some cases are mere violations where a conviction can require only the payment of a fine. Others are misdemeanors that create a criminal record and could result in a jail sentence. Felony offenses are the most severe, often carrying hefty prison time.

In any criminal case, it is best to give yourself every possible advantage. By consulting with a Goose Creek criminal defense lawyer, you are taking a crucial step to protect your rights. A defense attorney could aim to discover evidence that may help your case, craft realistic goals, and present information in court that may help to discredit the prosecution’s case.

Helping People to Understand the Law and the Nature of their Charges

The first step to any effective defense against criminal charges in Goose Creek is to understand the state law that led to an arrest. This applies both to misdemeanor allegations where convictions can result in no more than one year in jail and felonies where the potential penalties are much harsher.

For example, South Carolina Code § 44-53-370 is the state’s statute outlawing the possession, manufacture, or distribution of illegal drugs. To secure a conviction, a prosecutor will need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a defendant had the items in question in their possession. This can result in arguments over the identification of a substance or whether the defendant had control over the items in question. This analysis is central to many criminal cases. A Goose Creek criminal defense attorney could work with a defendant to ensure that they understand their charges and the potential punishment that may result from a conviction.

Defending Criminal Charges

While many defendants face criminal charges centering around the same laws, every individual’s case is unique. The facts that led up to the arrest will be specific to the case, as will the methods that police used to acquire evidence. Because of this, is vital to take a tailored approach to every case.

A Goose Creek criminal defense lawyer operates on this premise. They work to understand every person’s goals concerning the case and their reasons for being in the position where they are today. This helps to protect a client’s rights while still in police custody. An attorney could fight back against police questioning or the use of unfair lineups to make an identification.

A lawyer also helps to protect the rights and futures of defendants during court sessions. This includes arraignments that concern the question of bail, the imposition of restraining orders, making legal motions to exclude unfair evidence, and presenting cases to juries. Retaining an attorney as early as possible in this process allows them time to assess and understand the case to provide a robust defense.

Get in Touch with a Goose Creek Criminal Defense Attorney

You need to take every allegation of criminal behavior seriously. Merely being arrested can result in the creation of a criminal record or a court moving to impose restrictive restraining orders. Of course, a conviction can come with permanent consequences, such as the payment of heavy fines or time spent in jail or prison.

If you are facing criminal charges, do not hesitate to reach out to a Goose Creek criminal defense lawyer. From day one, they could work to understand your case and construct a strong defense. Whether you are looking to enter a plea deal or want to take the case to trial, an attorney is ready to fight for you. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.