Shaw Air Force Base Criminal Lawyer

Shaw Air Force Base is one of the largest military installations in the United States. In addition to the around 1,200 service members stationed here on active duty, the base welcomes a variety of contractors and civilian guests who have official business on the property.

Unfortunately, with all these people moving in and out of the area, allegations of criminal activity are bound to occur. The military police have the power to investigate apparent crimes and to make arrests. These arrests can allege violations of South Carolina law. Furthermore, the court cases and trials that concern these arrests will take place in the United States District Court of South Carolina.

An experienced Shaw Air Force Base criminal lawyer could help people who have endured an arrest on base or on any other piece of federal land in the State. They can help to explain the nature of the charges and to craft defenses designed to protect a person’s rights and freedom.

Why is the Case Taking Place in a Federal Courthouse?

Those who face arrest on Shaw Air Force Base or on other federal property will have their case heard at the United States District Court of South Carolina. This is because the federal courthouses have the exclusive jurisdiction to try criminal cases where the alleged act takes place on federal land.

In many of these instances, the allegations are for violations of State law. Driving under the influence (DUI), drug possession, theft, and assaults are all common examples. The court cases concerning these allegations will apply State law, but take place in a federal courthouse, before a federal judge, and with a federal prosecutor. A skilled Shaw Air Force Base criminal attorney could help to explain the difference between State and Federal courts cases.

Potential Consequences of a Conviction

The case will apply State law in a Federal courthouse. This means that the available penalties for a conviction follow the guidelines in State law. Even so, it is essential to avoid these penalties at all costs.

If the allegations are for a misdemeanor, such as for petit larceny under South Carolina Code §16-13-30, a conviction can result in a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to 30 days. In addition, this will create a criminal record. Other misdemeanors can carry a maximum jail term of up to one year. More serious allegations involve felonies. Grand larceny under the same statute increases the possible prison sentence to a maximum of ten years.

These penalties apply to members of the military and civilians alike. However, it is especially important for military members to promote a powerful defense in court. A conviction could lead to discipline within the Air Force that could have a serious effect on a person’s career. A knowledgeable Shaw Air Force Base criminal attorney could review the prosecution’s evidence and help determine the best defense.

Enlist the Help of a Shaw Air Force Base Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges anywhere in South Carolina is a serious matter. However, even more concerning are allegations that involve criminal activity on federal property. Shaw Air Force Base, veterans’ administration property, and federal courthouses are all examples. Law enforcement agencies on this property can make arrests and file charges in the United States District Court of South Carolina.

No matter the exact nature of the charges, a Shaw Air Force Base criminal lawyer could help you fight these charges. They can work to hear your side of the story and to identify realistic goals for the case. This may include working out a plea deal that requires nothing more than paying a fine to the Central Violations Bureau. Additionally, they can also prepare cases to present before juries that help to prove your innocence. Contact a Shaw Air Force Base criminal lawyer today to get started on your case.

Shaw Air Force Base Criminal Lawyer