South Carolina Federal Criminal Lawyer

South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense AttorneyIf you are facing federal criminal charges in South Carolina, you should be aware of the differences between state criminal cases and federal criminal cases. These differences include how prosecutors can handle the case and what potential penalties you could face if convicted. Federal criminal cases are quite complex, so it is important to immediately reach out to an experienced attorney for help.

A knowledgeable attorney could help defend you against the charges you face and fight to protect your rights in court. Call now to discuss your situation with a South Carolina federal criminal lawyer today.

Federal Criminal Cases

Just like state law, federal law defines many different crimes. Each crime has an associated penalty for those convicted. Often, there are separate state and federal crimes for similar actions.

For example, both state and federal laws prohibit the sale of marijuana in South Carolina. In some circumstances, the person charged with selling marijuana will face a federal charge instead of state charge.

One deciding factor is whether the accused crossed state lines while allegedly committing the crime. In that case, the accused would likely face a federal, rather than state criminal charge. Some common federal criminal charges include:

Anyone facing these or other any other federal crimes should contact a South Carolina criminal lawyer right away. An experienced attorney could help those accused of a crime by defending them in court and protecting their constitutional rights to a fair trial.

Differences Between Federal and State Crimes

There are numerous differences between federal criminal cases and state criminal cases. One of the primary differences is who prosecutes the case. In a state case, where someone is accused of violating a state law, South Carolina prosecutors will handle the case.

In contrast, when someone is accused of committing a federal crime, federal prosecutors (United States Attorney) will take the case. Those cases are handled within the federal court system. This means that someone accused of a federal crime in South Carolina will have their case heard in the United States District Court for South Carolina.

It is important for those accused of violating a federal law to contact a South Carolina criminal lawyer who has experience defending people in federal court court.

Federal vs. State Criminal Punishments

Another significant difference between federal and state criminal cases is the potential penalty someone could face upon conviction. Those convicted of violating South Carolina’s criminal laws will be punished by the state. State law determines the potential jail sentence, fines, and other penalties that person would face.

Federal law, on the other hand, dictates the potential penalties someone convicted of a federal crime might face. This is an important distinction between federal and state cases. It means that someone convicted a federal crime may face different, even harsher penalties that someone convicted of a similar state crime. The exact penalties someone may face upon conviction will depend on the type of crime and whether they have a prior criminal conviction.

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