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Sex crime charges are arguably the most serious criminal charges that a person could face in Chapin except for murder. Potential penalties upon conviction often range from incarceration to fines and supervised probation.

Moreover, a sex offense conviction will likely result in mandatory lifelong registration with the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry, which members of the public can view. A sex offense conviction could also result in indefinite confinement under the South Carolina Sexually Violent Predatory Act.

If are currently faced with a sex crime charge, you should call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A Chapin sex crimes lawyer could assist you with handling every aspect of your case, developing a defense on your behalf, and representing you at all legal proceedings.

Common Kinds of Sex Crimes

Sex offenses can take several different forms. Some of these common charges that a Chapin sex crimes lawyer could help defend include:

  • Rape – Rape, which is also known as criminal sexual conduct, is a form of sexual battery (which involves both penetration or unwanted touching) upon a person using intimidation, force, or incapacity. Rape is a felony charge, and a conviction could result in a maximum of 30 years of incarceration.
  • Possessing child pornography – Possessing child pornography means possessing actual or representations (including cartoon animations) of minors engaging in some form of sexual activity. Possessing child pornography is a felony charge and could result in a maximum of ten years in jail.
  • Prostitution – Prostitution involves the sale of sexual services, and the law applies to both the customer and the prostitute. A prostitution case usually proceed forward in magistrate/municipal court – or in the State court of general sessions – depending upon the accused’s prior criminal record or the specific allegations, if any.
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor – Sexual conduct with a minor occurs when the accused commits a sexual battery (which usually involves some degree of sexual penetration) upon a minor’s body. This is a felony charge, and the potential penalties typically depend upon the minor victim’s age.
  • Criminal solicitation of a minor – Criminal solicitation of a minor occurs when the accused inappropriately instant messages or chats with someone online who indicates that they are a minor or who is, in fact, a minor. This is a felony charge, and a conviction could result in a maximum of ten years of incarceration.

A Chapin sex crimes attorney could assist the accused with formulating a good defense to any one of these sex crimes and representing the accused in court.

Speak with a Chapin Sex Crimes Attorney Today

Individuals often file false sex crime charges to gain an advantage in a highly contentious divorce case – especially one that involves child custody. Other individuals believe, falsely, that if they obtain a conviction against the accused, they will obtain some sort of financial compensation, such as a monetary settlement.

In many instances, the individuals who file sex crime charges have an ulterior motive, while at other times, witness statements are inconsistent. When young children are involved in the matter, their testimony could be subject to some degree of suggestibility or undue influence.

If you currently have a sex crime charge pending against you, you should obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. A Chapin sex crimes lawyer could help you formulate a good defense to your sex crime charge and poke holes in the State’s case against you.

Chapin Sex Crimes Lawyer