Columbia Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer

When many people think of risking an injury to a minor, they may only be thinking about physical violence. However, a risk of injury to a minor charge may include more than just assaulting a child. Due to the complexities and seriousness of these cases, you should seek the services of a Columbia risk of injury to a minor lawyer if you are facing charges. A dedicated defense lawyer could advocate on your behalf and ensure that you are getting the defense you deserve.

Defining Risk of Injury to a Minor

There are many behaviors that constitute a risk of injury to a minor involving a minor child endangerment case. A person risking an injury to a minor could be charged with cruelty to children. A cruelty to children charge is when someone ill-treats a child, deprives them of food or shelter, or inflicts unnecessary pain on the child. This is a misdemeanor charge which is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and could also involve fines. A homicide by child abuse is the most serious charge, which is a felony offense.

Law enforcement will determine whether a person placed the child at an unreasonable risk of harm affecting their life physically and mentally. The police will also decide whether the harm was done unlawfully and maliciously. When someone is charged with one of these crimes, they should contact a Columbia risk of injury to a minor lawyer immediately.

How Authorities Determine Risk of Injury

When alerted to a possible risk of injury to a minor, the authorities check out at the care, welfare, physical, and mental health of the child. They look to see if there is food in the home or whether there are dangers to the child inside the home. The police will decide if the home is a safe place for the child to play, eat, sleep, and take care of themselves. This includes checking if the place is healthy from a hygiene standpoint.

Establishing a Claim

Risk of injury to a minor can be claimed when the parent or person who has responsibility for the care of the child leaves the child in a place for long periods of time with unsanitary living conditions and/or no food to support their health and welfare. The environment may be dangerous because of knives, broken glass, or other dangerous objects that are easily accessible. Young children in that type of environment could easily be harmed by their surroundings.

Consulting a Columbia Risk of Injury Attorney Following Arrest

When someone is arrested for risking an injury to a child, they are booked, processed, have a bond hearing, and have a pending legal charge. When someone is arrested, they should seek the services of a Columbia risk of injury to a minor lawyer. The attorney could then start building their defense against the accusations. To ensure that your freedom and reputation is being protected, call an experienced domestic violence attorney that could build your defense.

Columbia Risk of Injury to a Minor Lawyer