Columbia Campus Alcohol Offense Lawyer

The University of South Carolina takes alcohol-related offenses very seriously. It is one of several universities in the Columbia area, along with Midlands Technical College, Benedict College, Allen University, and several others. The college where the most people live on campus is the University of South Carolina, and they have their own USC Code of Conduct. Although students could be of age to drink alcohol, they could be in a place on campus where alcohol is not allowed.

If you are a student facing disciplinary action, it is best to speak to a Columbia campus alcohol offense lawyer. They could review the incident, speak to witnesses, and collect evidence to build a defense. Let a diligent student lawyer help you possibly avoid the penalties of having alcohol on campus.

Appropriate Behavior Involving Alcohol On Campus

The legal age for drinking alcohol is 21 years of age. If the person is of legal drinking age, they could easily face charges for being in a place where there are minors drinking alcohol. They could get charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Alcohol-related charges commonly arise in a dorm room. For example, if someone has brought alcohol into the dorm, and the resident adviser (RA) finds out, calls the police, they could be arrested if they are underage or provided alcohol to minors. The common offenses students getting arrested for include:

A knowledgeable Columbia campus alcohol offense lawyer could review the charges and help students build a defense.

Alcohol-Related Violations On a Dry Campus

If a student was arrested by the police, they would have a criminal case and may have to go before the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity for violating the USC Code of Conduct.

If it is a dry campus, the students have to agree that alcohol is prohibited and agree not to bring it on campus, or they will have to go through the disciplinary process for that school. There could also be a separate criminal matter. A skilled Columbia campus alcohol offense attorney could help students fight criminal charges as well as advise them through the student disciplinary hearing process.

Seek Help From a Columbia Campus Alcohol Offense Attorney Today

If a student is being investigated, has been accused or charged with an offense for violating the Student Code of Conduct or the Honor Code, any accusation they face could have a collateral consequence against their academic and future career. They should hire a lawyer immediately to protect their rights and to properly advise them on which steps to take next to put them in the best position possible going forward.

Immediately following a charge or offense, students should reach out to a well-practiced Columbia campus alcohol offense lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Columbia Campus Alcohol Offense Lawyer