Columbia Campus Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Criminal sexual misconduct is any type of rape or sexual assault. Criminal sexual misconduct has different degrees, depending on the severity and the facts behind what occurred.

The University of South Carolina has different ways of handling sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. This type of allegation falls under the purview of Title IX. The Title IX program is a federal set of rules and regulations that these college campuses try to enforce. Because of these laws, the consequences can be very severe for students.

Trying to defend against these charges can be quite overwhelming. It is best to hire an experienced student defense attorney as soon as possible to advise you on your rights because of a Title IX allegation. Speak to a knowledgeable Columbia campus sexual misconduct lawyer to learn about how to defend against these charges.

Fighting Sexual Misconduct Allegations

When sexual harassment and sexual misconduct allegations occur at the University of South Carolina and many other college campuses, an independent investigation is conducted through Title IX and the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

There are a lot of protections on the criminal side of due process that is not present at the university level. Students are generally denied the right to truly defend themselves, to confront their accuser, and to present the best defense possible. A skilled Columbia campus sexual misconduct lawyer could review the facts of the case and collect evidence to build a case for the defendant.

Understanding Harassment In a Sexual Misconduct Case

Harassment can mean several different things, whether they are looking at it from the Title IX perspective versus the criminal side. The specific definition in the South Carolina Code of Laws versus what they have from a Student Conduct Code of Conduct and Honor Code. If they have a Conduct and Honor Code Violation, there is a much lower standard to prove harassment on the student conduct side than there is on the criminal side of things.

Common examples of sexual harassment can be where someone has repeatedly called, e-mailed, showed up uninvited, and having evidence of a sexual nature involved with it.

The Role of Pressure To Engage In Sexual Acts

One of the factors in a sexual misconduct charge is whether someone properly consented to a sexual act. Sometimes alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs or marijuana, are involved in determining whether consent was given.

They are also looking at whether force was used, such as threats, or intimidation or whether there was actual consent based on the level intoxication. Those who have been charged with a sexual offense should reach out to a Columbia campus sexual misconduct attorney to help build a defense.

Role Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Drugs and alcohol play a significant role in sexual misconduct cases because these substances are often a contributing factor to these allegations. These allegations sometimes occur around parties when individuals that are spending time with each other and under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Let a Columbia Campus Sexual Misconduct Attorney Help

Sexual misconduct is taken seriously in South Carolina. Students can face not only student disciplinary action but criminal charges as well. Those who have been charged with sexual misconduct on campus should not try to fight the charges alone. Let a diligent defense attorney help your case.

A Columbia campus sexual misconduct lawyer could investigate the incident, collect evidence, and speak to witnesses to help build a defense. Call today to learn about how a sexual misconduct attorney could help your case.