Benefits of a Columbia Shoplifting Attorney

When a person is charged with any type of theft, they may feel extremely intimidated. For many, shoplifting may not seem to be a serious offense, however, under the law, a person may face significant legal repercussions. Someone who has been arrested and charged for a theft offense should contact an attorney to learn more about the benefits of a Columbia shoplifting attorney. Call and schedule an appointment with an adept shoplifting lawyer to begin discussing your potential legal options.

Initial Steps Following a Shoplifting Arrest

Following a shoplifting accusation, a person should immediately consult with a qualified legal representative. An attorney could review the factors surrounding the alleged incident and potentially collect evidence such as video footage, photos, police report, and contact information of potential witnesses. Additionally, a person may be able to have the alleged stolen item estimated. In some cases, the value of the item may be placed incorrectly. This could make a substantial difference in the type of charge a person faces in court.

Requesting Information From Government Sources

One of the many benefits of a Columbia shoplifting attorney could be the level of guidance and assistance offered in obtaining information from government sources. For many people, requesting information from the government may seem complicated. However, this information could be highly impactful to an individual’s case. An attorney could assist with the process by asking for the police report and other documents collected by law enforcement or the prosecutor. To complete these objectives, an attorney could make phone calls to the arresting officer, speak with the prosecutor, and consult with appropriate experts. In some instances, this research may reveal unconstitutional methods by police and could impact an individual’s case.

Distinguishing Factors of a Shoplifting Offense

Shoplifting is very specific in that it is related to retail establishments and merchants. Whereas larceny generally refers to a theft offense against anyone who owns property that has been stolen or forged. A main distinguishing factor in a shoplifting charge is that the offense primarily deals with merchants, retail establishments, and the merchandise that was allegedly stolen. A shoplifting charge may be applied in multiple situations. While many may believe shoplifting typically takes place when an item has been placed in a purse or someone attempts to walk out of a store with an item that has not been purchased, a person could also be charged if they attempt to switch price tags. In essence, shoplifting largely revolves around an accusation of deceiving or depriving a merchant of the full value of an item.

Legal consequences for any type of shoplifting charge may be severe and could significantly impact a person’s ability to find gainful employment. If a person has been accused of committing any type of shoplifting, they should consider reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney who understands shoplifting cases.

Alternative and Reduced Sentencing Options

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a person’s case, they may be interested in pursuing alternative or reduced sentencing options. A lawyer who is well-versed in shoplifting cases could attempt to demonstrate why a person may be a candidate for a probationary sentence or why supervision instead of a prison sentence would be more appropriate. However, it is important for a person to understand that these potential options are not guaranteed and are typically left to the discretion of the judge or the prosecutor.

Understanding the Benefits of a Shoplifting Lawyer in Columbia

There are many different benefits of a Columbia shoplifting attorney. A person who is facing any type of shoplifting offense should consult experienced legal counsel before speaking to police or a prosecutor. Anything a person states to law enforcement may be used against them in the court of law. Contact an attorney who is well-practiced in shoplifting cases and who understands the landscape of the Columbia legal system.

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