Columbia Out-of-State Driver Traffic Offense Lawyer

An out-of-state driver should know that the most important thing they should do if issued a ticket in Columbia is to hire an experienced traffic lawyer as soon as possible. They should keep all of the paperwork, their tickets, and tell the lawyer all the information that is necessary for them to build a strategic defense. They should also trust that the lawyer is going to take the necessary steps to protect their rights. In hiring a Columbia out-of-state driver traffic offense lawyer, they will be putting themselves in the best position to get their case resolved in a favorable manner.

Initial Steps Following A Traffic Citation

If a driver receives a ticket in Columbia, the first thing they should do is contact a lawyer in their home state and an attorney in South Carolina. That is so they can get the best advice possible on both types of outcomes, one on the charge in the state where it happened and one on for the collateral administrative things that could happen to their license if they are convicted. A knowledgeable Columbia out-of-state driver traffic offense lawyer could review the facts of the case and help the defendant build a defense.

How Does The State Send Information About Paid and Unpaid Tickets

If a person is convicted of a traffic violation, the chances are fairly good that the information is sent to their home state, so they should expect that to happen. They also should consult a Columbia out-of-state driver traffic offense attorney in their home state to make sure their rights and their license are protected as best as possible.

If an out-of-state driver is given a ticket with a court date and they do not show up on that date, they most likely will be tried and found guilty in their absence. A fine will be put into place and, depending on the nature of the citation, they will face a potential jail sentence. The judge likely would issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

Unaware of Columbia Traffic Laws

Being unaware of Columbia traffic laws is not a worthwhile defense, so they still could be charged. If a driver is charged with driving 80 miles per hour in Columbia, where that is considered excessive speeding, but in their home state that has a limit of 70 or 75 and they are not usually stopped for going 10 miles per hour over that limit, they should hire a lawyer to make that point for them. The traffic lawyer could try to convince the police officer and the prosecutor that because of that dichotomy, they should give the client a break.

Speak With a Columbia Out-of-State Driver Traffic Offense Attorney Today

A traffic attorney in Columbia can help a driver facing a ticket by knowing all the players involved. They deal with the police, prosecutors, and judges on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They are trained in defending those types of charges, so a person should hire a local attorney as soon as possible to try to get the best outcome possible.

A seasoned Columbia out-of-state driver traffic offense lawyer could advocate on your behalf and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help your case.