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Every person who experiences an arrest for an alleged violation of the state’s criminal code needs to take the matter seriously. Even for misdemeanor level offenses, a conviction can result in a jail sentence and the creation of a criminal record. If the allegations involve a supposed felony, a conviction can come with a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

The situation can be even more severe for students at colleges and universities. Here, a school may act to impose a penalty independently of the court system. This could result in a mandatory changing of housing, a loss of privileges, a suspension, or even expulsion. A Goose Creek student defense lawyer fights on behalf of students to protect their rights in criminal court and defend their ability to continue their education. Get in touch with a seasoned defense attorney at our office today to learn more.

Helping Students Facing Educational Discipline

Every college and university in the state retains a behavior policy. In the general sense, these policies aim to control the behavior of students both on and off-campus. These policies act independently of the state’s criminal code, but an arrest for an alleged violation almost certainly constitutes a violation of a school’s policy.

The mere appearance of poor behavior may trigger a school investigation into an alleged incident. The school may perform an investigation that does not need to follow the rules of evidence in criminal courts and may act to punish a student with minimal input from a defendant. This could have a severe impact on a person’s ability to continue their education.

A Goose Creek student defense attorney could help students facing action by disciplinary boards. They work to understand the school’s specific policies and help students to prepare written statements and for interviews before board members. This could help to mitigate the damage that results from alleged wrongdoing or even result in a clean disciplinary record.

Providing Simultaneous Legal Representation

It is possible that an allegation of a violation of a school’s behavioral code will involve a supposed criminal act. In fact, schools that uncover evidence of a criminal violation must provide this information to law enforcement. Because of this, it is likely that an individual is facing a case in criminal court at the same time as school disciplinary measures.

A student defense lawyer in Goose Creek is capable of handling both cases at the same time. Charges that students commonly face include:

Because most college students are over the age of 18, courts will treat these defendants as adults. This means that a conviction could result in the imposition of the full weight of the available penalties under the law. Hiring a defense attorney to handle these cases could result in a plea deal that lessens a possible penalty. A lawyer could also take the case to trial in the pursuit of a full acquittal.

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College should be a time for learning and gaining life experience. Do not let one mistake take away your way of life and future prospects. If you are facing criminal charges or hearings at your school, get in touch with a seasoned lawyer right away.

A Goose Creek student defense lawyer could provide valuable guidance as your face disciplinary board hearings while also handling the criminal aspect of our case. By retaining the counsel of a skilled attorney, you could help to protect your freedom and ability to continue the pursuit of your degree. Give us a call today to get started.