Greenville Sex Crimes Lawyer

Few categories of criminal offenses are more vilified in the public eye than sex crimes, especially those allegedly involving children. Even though every criminal defendant is innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law, the personal and professional damage that a mere accusation of sexual impropriety can result in makes these types of crimes particularly difficult to handle judiciously.

However, no matter what type of offense you are charged with committing, you have the same rights as anyone else to seek representation from a criminal defense attorney and defend your best interests in court. An experienced Greenville sex crimes lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to construct a strong case defense and minimize the consequences you may face in and out of court.

What Offenses Qualify as “Sex Crimes” in Greenville?

Instead of using terms like “rape” or “sexual assault,” the South Carolina Code refers to many sexually-based criminal offenses under the blanket term of “criminal sexual conduct” and categorizes any non-consensual sexual intercourse or sexual penetration as “sexual battery.” There are several degrees of criminal sexual conduct codified under state law, differentiated in severity and potential punishments by the age(s) of the parties involves, the alleged use of force by the perpetrator, and the ability—or rather, the lack thereof—of all parties involved to materially consent to sexual activity.

With the exception of sexual battery with a student 18 years of age or older without the use of force, which South Carolina Code of Laws §16-3-755(C) classifies as a misdemeanor, all degrees of criminal sexual conduct are considered felonies in South Carolina punishable by maximums of 10 to 30 years in prison if the allegedly targeted individual is an adult, and a maximum of life in prison for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Other sex crimes that a Greenville attorney may be able to help contest in court include possession of child pornography, prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute, and indecent exposure.

Sex Offender Registration Requirements Under State Law

Anyone in Greenville convicted of any degree of criminal sexual conduct with an adult or minor, engaging a child for sexual performance, voyeurism, and other offenses—sometimes including indecent exposure—must register their name, home address, fingerprints, and criminal history with the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry. Registered sex offenders are prohibited from living within 1,000 of any playground, day care center, or educational facility, and local sheriffs are required to publicly release the registration status of anyone convicted of first or second-degree criminal sexual conduct with an adult or minor, incest, indecent exposure, or kidnapping.

Even once someone convicted of a sex crime has served any prison time they are sentenced with, their status as a sex offender may persist for years afterward, significantly limiting where they can live and what occupational opportunities they may have. Anyone charged with an offense that could necessitate sex offender registration should get in touch with a sex crimes lawyer in Greenville as soon as possible.

Speak with a Greenville Sex Crimes Attorney about Legal Options

Whether it is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, any sex crime accusation has the potential to permanently alter the course of your life. Even if your case does not ultimately end with a conviction, the social and professional stigma associated with this kind of offense could still persist for a long time, and convictions could cause irreversible harm to your personal freedom and future prospects.

In order to pursue the best possible resolution in a sex crime case, you will almost certainly need assistance from an experienced Greenville sex crimes lawyer. To schedule your initial consultation, call today.