Lexington Sex Crimes Lawyer 

Sex crimes in South Carolina, also known as Criminal Sexual Conduct, lewd act, and sexual exploitation, carry harsh penalties for not just the accused’s freedom, but also their future reputation. The most severe of these allegations are felonies that will result in up to life in prison.  

But even relatively minor sexual related offenses will result in a permanent criminal record and the requirement that the convicted person register as a sex offender. A Lexington sex crimes lawyer can help you try protecting your rights. A distinguished criminal attorney can help you gain peace of mind when preparing for trial. 

Defining Sex Crimes Offenses

South Carolina Code 16-3-651 et seq. defines the actions and prescribed punishments for all forms of criminal sexual conduct. These allegations can include everything from aggravated sexual battery, to sexual contact with a minor, to lewd acts. In general, these are allegations that the defendant violated another person’s sexual privacy, wellbeing.  

This can be accomplished through classic definitions of rape or forced sexual contact, but also include allegations of coercion or taking advantage of the mentally ill. It is not even necessary for a person to make contact with another to be charged with a sex crime.

Related Sex Crimes

Allegations of lewd conduct known as indecent exposure can include simply exposing oneself to an unwilling audience. What all of these allegations have in common is that a conviction will result in a defendant having a criminal record and being forced to register as a sex offender. Other crimes that require registration include: 

  • Assaults with intent to commit a sexual crime 
  • Incest 
  • Voyeurism and Peeping Tom 
  • Criminal sexual conduct with a minor 
  • Sexual battery of a spouse 

Sex Offender Registration

All sex offenders are required to register for the rest of their lives. This registration makes it a public record where this person lives, is attached to all job and rental applications, and makes it illegal for this person to work certain jobs, live in certain areas, and may jeopardize their access to public assistance. 

The overall consequences of a conviction for a sex crime cannot be understated. Merely being accused of these crimes is enough to tarnish a person’s reputation in the community. Sex offender registry is the modern day scarlet letter that may never be removed.

Convictions in court will subject a defendant to a maximum prison term of life imprisonment for the most serious offenses, and courts are not likely to be lenient with those found to be guilty. For all of these reasons, it is critical to formulate a powerful defense from the moment of the arrest with a Lexington sex crimes lawyer. 

Help from a Lexington Sex Crimes Attorney

Every moment in a sex crime case is critical. From the instant that a person is arrested, they need to be aware of their surroundings and the consequences of their statements. Those accused should never talk to the police without an attorney present.

The case should be controlled in the media. Many of these cases are high profile and public opinion counts for a lot in making sure that potential jurors are not tainted. A Lexington sex crimes lawyer can ethically work to control the narrative in the public, while still protecting the individual’s rights in court. 

Every stage in the criminal proceedings is vital. Even the initial bond hearing will determine important questions regarding bail and residency for the accused. Many defendants only acquire representation after this stage and are dismayed to find that these matters have been finalized without someone to advocate on their behalf. 

Lexington Sex Crimes Lawyer