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Chapter 13 of Title 16 of the South Carolina Code of Laws identifies the crimes of breach of trust, forgery, larceny, embezzlement, and obtaining goods by false pretenses. Most crimes considered to be types of frauds fall under Chapter 13.

If you are facing charges of any fraud-related crime, including the ones described here, contact a Mount Pleasant fraud attorney immediately. Some charges can carry up to ten years in prison, while others may result in steep fines and jail time. The first possible step to seeking the best outcome in court is calling a skilled defense attorney to defend you against the government’s accusations.

Forgery of Documents

Section 16-13-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws makes it a crime to falsely make or counterfeit a writing or instrument of writing. It also makes it illegal to publish any such false documents. Documents investigated for forgery in South Carolina include paychecks, personal checks, insurance paperwork, vehicle registrations and titles, stock certificates, and tax forms.

A person facing allegations of a Section 16-13-10 violation will be facing felony charges and can face up to five years in prison if the dollar amount related to the forgery is over $2,000 and under $10,000.  If the forgery was related to a dollar amount greater than $10,000, the maximum penalty increases to ten years in prison. Anyone facing these charges is also subject to fines at the court’s discretion.

A Mount Pleasant fraud attorney could argue that the value was under $10,000 if this fact is disputed. They could also present other defenses or argue to keep the penalty as low as possible under the circumstances and seek the best possible outcome.

Identity Fraud

Section 16-13-510 of the South Carolina Code of Laws codifies both the crimes of identity fraud and financial identity fraud. A person is guilty of financial identity fraud if they appropriate the financial resources of another, devise a scheme to defraud or obtain money, property, or financial resources through false pretenses or misrepresentation intentionally and without consent. Financial resources include existing money as well as other resources such as insurance claims, retirement plans, and credit lines.

A person commits identity fraud when they unlawfully use the personal identifying information of another to obtain employment or avoid law enforcement. Personal identifying information includes social security numbers, checking account numbers, driver’s license numbers, names, and dates of birth.

Both identity fraud and financial identity fraud are felonies punishable by up to ten years in state prison as well as a fine, the amount of which is left to the complete discretion of the court.

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Facing any criminal charges can be stressful. You may feel like you have no options and your future is in jeopardy, however, that is not true. If you are facing any charges related to fraud, a Mount Pleasant fraud lawyer can help. An attorney can help defend you through this process by fighting for the best possible outcome for the circumstances of your case.

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