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Students should look forward to the future with confidence, but accusations of wrongdoing can substantially change their life (educational and professional goals). Even if a student is not facing criminal charges, it is a good idea to consult an experienced Richland County student defense lawyer for advice when a school is undertaking an investigation or initiating disciplinary matters.

It is far too easy for students to forfeit their rights or make statements that can be taken out of context and used against them. Assistance from a knowledgeable defense lawyer could prevent costly mistakes and build a defense strategy designed to reach a positive outcome in the case.

School Disciplinary Hearings

A student may have to attend numerous meetings or hearings for a single incident. Often, the starting point is an investigation leading to a disciplinary hearing on campus. Information that comes to light in these proceedings may then be used to file a civil lawsuit or bring a criminal charge against the student.

Violations Will Be Different in a School Proceeding

Attorneys in Richland County defend people accused of violating state and federal criminal laws all the time. The laws are well-established and have been interpreted by courts.

However, students in disciplinary proceedings are usually accused of violating school rules such as honor codes or Title IX policies. These rules are often not well-known by students or staff and may be subject to varying interpretation. An experienced student defense lawyer in Richland County will be aware of this factor and can challenge the interpretation or fairness of these rules.

Procedures Will Be Different in a School Hearing

Court procedures provide protection for those accused of wrongdoing, but these protections are notoriously absent in school disciplinary hearings. School rules often prevent an accused student from confronting or questioning the accuser. Rules also frequently limit evidence students may submit to defend themselves.

Even the presumption of innocence that most Americans take for granted may be absent in a school disciplinary hearing. Student defense attorneys know how to take these differences into account when presenting a defense.

Consequences Will Be Different in a School Hearing

A school disciplinary tribunal does not have the authority to send a student to jail, but they do have the ability to impose other consequences with a serious negative impact. Students are likely to face suspension or expulsion and the loss of scholarships or other accommodations that enabled them to attend school. Having a disciplinary hearing on record could limit future educational and professional opportunities.

Issues Addressed in Student Defense

Students may be accused of many types of wrongdoing, but some allegations are more common than others. Richland County student defense lawyers frequently assist with accusations regarding:

Some issues may only involve violations of school rules while others could also be prosecuted as a criminal offense. Moreover, almost any situation has the potential to lead to a private civil lawsuit. An experienced defense lawyer could assist in a variety of situations and can often negotiate a settlement to avoid the expense and publicity of a trial.

Reach Out to a Richland County Student Defense Attorney Today

You may not be certain whether your situation is serious enough to justify contacting an attorney. However, you owe it to yourself and your future to at least consult a lawyer to learn more about your options and how to protect your rights.

A Richland County student defense lawyer may have solutions to your situation that you never considered. And, if all else fails, an experienced student defense attorney have fall back options to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

For instance, if expulsion seems likely, an attorney could negotiate a student’s voluntary withdrawal from the school to avoid having a disciplinary action on the record. For a free consultation to learn more, call a student defense lawyer now.

Richland County Student Defense Lawyer