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Under state law, most traffic tickets are a criminal offense. When you receive a ticket, you are charged with a crime. If you pay that ticket, you are pleading guilty to that crime, and are subject to the penalties and fines associated with the offense. Many drivers shrug off a traffic ticket without fully considering the potential ramifications, including points on your license, suspension or revocation of your license, or even the possibility of more serious criminal penalties.

With the help of a Summerville traffic lawyer, you can defend yourself against all levels of traffic offenses. You should not simply assume you are going to be found guilty. A seasoned and local criminal attorney could help you fight your case.

Common Traffic Offenses

More serious traffic offenses can have much more serious criminal penalties associated with them. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving under a suspended driver’s license
  • Open container
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Driving without insurance
  • Improper turning or passing
  • Child seat violations

Many of these offenses carry more serious penalties than simply speeding. Some may result in more expensive tickets, add more points to a driver’s license, or may even result in the possibility of jail time and high fines.

Fighting a Traffic Ticket in Court

During the stop, even if the driver did nothing wrong, should always remain calm and polite to the officer. A bad interaction with the police officer will never help, so it is important to remain calm and save any arguments for court.

An experienced traffic lawyer in Summerville understands how the courts work, what proof they are looking for, and effective methods to contest the ticket. A successful defense can save a driver significant amounts of money and protect their driving record.

Defending Serious Traffic Crimes

More serious traffic crimes that may result in jail or prison time require an even stronger defense. These criminal offenses may even raise to the level of a misdemeanor or felony. It is crucial that any driver accused of a serious offense protect their constitutional rights through a strong defense.

Costs Associated with Traffic Tickets

After receiving a ticket, there are various costs and possible penalties associated with that ticket. A simple ticket can cost hundreds of dollars, and may be too expensive for many people. Most tickets also result in the addition of points on the driver’s license. When multiple tickets cause points to accumulate, this can result in the suspension or revocation of the license.

The temporary or permanent loss of a driver’s license can affect a person’s ability to work, perform daily living routines, and much more.

Discuss Your Options With a Summerville Traffic Attorney

Too often people shrug off the risks associated with traffic offenses. These offenses can cause you to lose your driver’s license, affecting your life on a grand scale. You deserve to have your case analyzed and defended by an effective attorney.

An experienced Summerville traffic lawyer will defend your case and protect your rights. Schedule a consultation today.

Summerville Traffic Lawyer