Columbia Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

It is important to realize that an individual driving under the influence of a legally prescribed drug can still receive a DUI charge if that drug impairs their ability to follow the rules of the road. Prescription drugs often have warning labels regarding the attempt to operate a vehicle while taking them. When someone takes a legally prescribed medication such as Xanax or even an over-the-counter drug such as Benadryl and their faculties are appreciably impaired, that individual is driving under the influence according to the law.

The fact that the substance is legally prescribed to the driver has no bearing on whether or not they are under the influence when driving a motor vehicle. In these situations, it may be crucial for you to reach out to a professional Columbia prescription drug DUI lawyer for representation. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated DUID attorney could fight for your rights today.

Involuntary Intoxication

Prescription drugs are legal controlled substances that are prescribed by a medical professional. Common examples could include Klonopin, Valium, OxyContin, or Adderall. An individual who was unaware that they could become impaired or experience unexpected side-effects after taking one of these drugs while driving could potentially use an involuntary intoxication defense.

The ability to use this defense method depends on the warning labels provided for that medication, whether the pharmacy or the doctor fully explained the drug’s potential side-effects, and whether they truly did affect the driver’s ability to operate their motor vehicle. An experienced Columbia prescription drug DUI lawyer could help determine whether or not this would be a valid option to pursue in a case.

Potential Penalties

The penalties for prescription drug DUI charges are the same as the alcohol-related DUIs except without any BAC enhancements, as there should not be any alcohol in the driver’s system. For example, a first-offense drug DUI would be a misdemeanor offense with penalties of up to 30 days in jail. However, other factors could still aggravate this charge. When someone does not have a valid prescription for their drugs, they can also be charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Depending on how the drugs are packaged, the charges could be possession with intent to distribute or trafficking a controlled substance. These criminal charges and their resulting penalties would be added to the individual’s charge for a drug DUI. Because of the severity of these consequences, it may be imperative to retain assistance from a seasoned DUI lawyer for legal protection.

Role of a Columbia Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

If you are facing charges for driving under the influence of prescription drugs, you may need to reach out to a seasoned defense attorney as soon as possible to begin crafting your defense. A qualified Columbia prescription drug DUI lawyer could conduct an external investigation, call upon professional witnesses for testimony, and aggressively advocate on your behalf. If you wish to fight against your charges, do not hesitate to schedule your initial consultation with a skilled Columbia prescription drug DUI lawyer today.

Columbia Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer