Evidence in Columbia Prescription Drug DUI Cases

The role of evidence in Columbia prescription drug DUI cases can be significant in determining one’s defense strategy as well as the prosecution’s ability to convict a driver. While the results of a blood test could potentially show that a drug was in the driver’s system, the prosecution still has to prove that the drug impaired the defendant’s ability to drive both materially and appreciably. Read on to learn more about the importance of evidence in Columbia prescription drug DUI cases, as well as the ways a knowledgeable attorney could fight for your rights. Reach out to an experienced prescription drug DUI lawyer to discuss your case.

Medical Information

When prescription drugs are involved in a drug DUI case, it is most important that the defendant provides all prescription and medical information to their attorney. This can be used to show that the defendant had a legitimate doctor’s script so that they will not receive an additional charge for illegal possession. While some may be concerned about privacy issues regarding their medical history, attorneys need all the information to properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case and diagnose the problem. In other words, they look for the constitutional issues and identify legal defenses.

Confidentiality Agreements

The defendant should not be worried about holding back any information, and that is why there is a confidentiality agreement in place between defendants and their attorneys for privileged information. That way, people do not have any fear of providing this information to their lawyer because their lawyer has that confidentiality with them. The attorney does not have to share that information, but by having that full disclosure, they can provide the best defense possible.

Drug Testing

When an experienced defense lawyer is provided with a valid prescription and the container, they can go to the police or the prosecutor and try to negotiate to get the charge dismissed because the defendant was legally prescribed the drugs. Anyone charged with a prescription drug DUI needs to have a detailed overview of what they told the police. Their attorney will need to know specifically what was said, and whether a urine or blood test was provided.

The lawyer should be informed whether the defendant refused or requested affirmative assistance and wanted to get an independent blood test. This type of evidence in Columbia prescription drug DUI cases could be crucial in determining whether or not the officer conducted their arrest unlawfully by violating a necessary procedure.

Dash Cam Videos

The defendant’s lawyer should be informed if there is a dash cam video showing the driver doing the field sobriety tests and whether or not they were taken to the DataMaster room for the breath test. It is important that the attorney knows whether the defendant blew a 0.0 showing that they had no alcohol in their blood or whether they took the test and had a blood-alcohol level below 0.08.

All this information is absolutely critical and necessary for the lawyer to determine how to properly defend the case. This can help a lawyer show the prosecution that there were no other substances in the driver’s body causing impairment. If you wish to learn more about the role of evidence in Columbia prescription drug DUI cases, do not hesitate to retain the experienced assistance of a skilled defense attorney today.

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