Medical Attention Following a Columbia DUI

It can be very significant to seek medical attention following a Columbia DUI arrest if an individual was injured in a crash, and if that treatment is denied by law enforcement they can be held accountable for that violation. If you are worried about the consequences of seeking medical attention following a Columbia DUI, know that it is still possible to refuse to take a blood test once you are at the hospital. The most important thing is to ensure that you are safe following an accident.

A diligent DUI lawyer can assist injured individuals facing charges by conducting an investigation to help create a strong defense strategy on their behalf. Read on to learn more about what goes into medical attention following a Columbia DUI, as well as the ways a professional defense attorney could work to make a difference in your case today.

When Can an Individual Receive Medical Attention after a DUI Arrest?

If someone is injured in a car wreck, they need to seek medical attention following a Columbia DUI arrest as soon as possible. If the officer does not help to provide it in necessary circumstances, that is something that could be used against them even in a civil case. However, it is ultimately up to the officer to decide whether to call for medical attention. They must use their judgment based on observation and whether the injured individual demands it.

Blood Tests

If an individual is taken to the hospital for an injury and the medical professionals decide to take blood and the driver consents, it is possible for law enforcement to subpoena that sample through a court order so that the prosecutor can obtain copies of the blood test. Know that this could potentially prove whether or not the driver’s BAC levels crossed the legal threshold while behind the wheel.

Refusing Treatment

If someone does not receive a medical treatment following a Columbia DUI arrest and they were in a car wreck where they hit their head and were dizzy from a mild concussion, that could be seen as a form of impairment when they were unable to walk properly or respond without slurred speech during a sobriety test. It is important for an attorney to know if the defendant was simply badly shaken up in the situation and should have requested medical attention. A defendant will need to disclose every detail about what happened to their attorney so that they can form the best defense for their circumstances.

Importance of a Skilled Defense Attorney

An experienced DUI defense lawyer can immediately obtain the driver’s medical records, gather important evidence, and advise the defendant on how to protect their rights. They can speak to them to try to uncover whether any constitutional violations took place by the police handling the case. An injured defendant does not want to hesitate after experiencing these events. The best defense starts immediately upon either being investigated or arrested. If you have questions about your medical attention following a Columbia DUI arrest, consider calling a professional defense attorney as soon as possible for your initial consultation.