Columbia DUI Charges and Out of State Drivers

Different states have different laws regarding driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Someone could be arrested for a DUI in one state, however, their license may or may not be affected in their home state. A person’s home state gets to decide what to do with that individual’s license.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in South Carolina and are from out of state, reach out to a knowledgeable DUI attorney today. A seasoned lawyer may have experience dealing with Columbia DUI charges and out of state drivers.

Regional and State Laws

For DUI, South Carolina laws are the same throughout the state. For every county, they are going to have the same DUI laws that apply. However, these laws may be different for someone else’s home state. Also, South Carolina can have different administrative consequences concerning a DUI charge than another state. Another state may be more lenient or it could be harsher regarding DUI penalties.

It is important to remember that only lawyers licensed to practice law in South Carolina can give legal advice regarding South Carolina law. However, if someone was arrested in South Carolina, they should contact a lawyer who has practice cases involving Columbia DUI charges and out of state drivers.

National Driver Register

The National Driver Register is an online database called the Problem Driver Point System. This database has all the information of drivers who have had their license revoked or suspended because of convictions, fines, and overall bad driving records. If a state uses the National Driver Register, then when someone gets a traffic charge, the state will upload it into the database and any state that uses the database will be able to access that information.

Reducing DUI Charges

When looking to reduce DUI charges, it may be best to consult with a lawyer who is well-versed with Columbia DUI charges and out of state charges. The South Carolina DUI statute says that to be guilty of DUI, one must be operating a motor vehicle in South Carolina while their faculties are materially and appreciably impaired.

In South Carolina, if someone’s BAC level is above .08, it is inferred that the person is impaired and a juror could infer that the person was guilty of a DUI. There are also separate offenses in South Carolina called with unlawful alcohol concentration. It is against the law to drive with a BAC or blood alcohol content level above .08. The penalties are enhanced the higher the BAC level.

The most common reduced charged for DUI is reckless driving. A reduced charge will not carry a suspension of the driver’s license and will not have the same negative impact on a person’s driving record as a DUI would.

How an Experienced Columbia Attorney Could Help

Although an attorney in South Carolina cannot give legal advice about another state’s laws, that lawyer could help defend and try to get the best result possible of the South Carolina DUI arrest. Also, a Columbia defense attorney could have a direct relationship with DUI lawyers throughout the country. Obtaining a lawyer who is a delegate of the National College of DUI Defense could be imperative to your case.

If you face charges, reach out to a lawyer who is capable of handling cases that involve Columbia DUI charges and out of state drivers.