Columbia Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not Under Control Lawyer

The reckless by driving a vehicle not under control definition is found in Section 56-5-29-20. The South Carolina Generally Assembly defines reckless driving as someone driving a vehicle in a manner that is either in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other persons or property. Examples of when someone is not under control of their vehicle may include hydroplaning, single car wrecks, and when someone drives off the road.

If you have been accused of reckless driving, it is best to seek help from a diligent reckless driving attorney. A seasoned Columbia reckless driving by vehicle not under control lawyer could fight against your charges and advocate for you. Call today to learn more about your rights and legal options.

What Factors Could Lead to Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not Under Control?

Several situations could lead to one being charged with reckless driving by vehicle not under control, including weather conditions and speeding. Whichever is the cause, the consequences are the same.

Reckless Driving Due to Weather

Whenever there is heavy rain or snow, it can lead to individuals recklessly driving by vehicle not under control. In South Carolina, it is rare for it to snow. Therefore, when it does snow, there are several reckless driving charges because many people in the state do not know how to drive safely in it. Many drivers fail to accurately judge the distance between other vehicles and then hit other drivers. When it is raining and someone is speeding, they could hit a puddle of water and hyrdoplane, which leads to them losing control of their car.


When someone is speeding, it can lead to them losing control of their vehicle. This can lead to dangers to other drivers, which is why prosecutors take these charges seriously. Individuals who are facing such charges should reach out to a skilled reckless driving by vehicle not under control lawyer in Columbia.

Charges Impact on CDL Drivers

A Columbia reckless driving and vehicle not under control charge and conviction could severely impact a commercial driver. It could result in the loss of employment because the insurance company of the trucking company would not feel comfortable insuring that individual. If they were convicted of the charge, they are going to have their commercial driver’s license revoked. This is a severe consequence since their livelihood is tied to the commercial driver’s license. If a driver gets convicted for reckless driving, their license would be revoked and they would not be able to work. Therefore, it is critical for individuals facing charges to seek the services of a well-established lawyer.

Contact a Columbia Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not Under Control Attorney

A conviction for reckless driving could have serious consequences. Even if the cause of reckless driving is due to something out of the driver’s control such as hydroplaning or losing control of a car, there are plenty of unwanted consequences. This is why it is critical for defendant’s to obtain a dedicated lawyer. An experienced attorney could conduct a complete and independent investigation, obtain the mechanic’s records of the car, and get inspection reports. They collect all this evidence to show that the defendant had properly ensured that the vehicle was safe by doing regular checkups and maintenance, that the vehicle was in working order, and that they took steps to show that the car was in working order.

If you have been charged with reckless driving, seek help from a tenacious careless driving attorney to learn about how you could fight the charges. They could review your case and help you determine the best avenue to take for your situation. Call a Columbia reckless driving by vehicle not under control lawyer today.

Columbia Reckless Driving by Vehicle Not Under Control Lawyer