Columbia Armed Robbery Lawyer

Armed robbery is a serious offense that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years to 30 years in prison. If you have been charged with armed robbery, you should reach out to a dedicated robbery attorney as soon as possible. A Columbia armed robbery lawyer could be your legal advocate and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. They could also fight to have your charges reduced to a lesser penalty. Call today and set up your initial consultation.

What is Armed Robbery?

In South Carolina, armed robbery is defined under South Carolina Code, Section 16-11-330, whether it is an armed robbery or an attempted armed robbery. Armed robbery includes a taking, carrying away, or the attempt to take another person’s personal property with the intent to deprive that person of possession of a property by use of force, threat or intimidation while armed.

This also includes having possession of an object which the defendant alleges by words or actions to be a deadly weapon, or that the alleged victim in that case reasonably believes would be a weapon. If the individual presented as if they had a weapon in their possession, that would be enough to also fall under armed robbery. Armed robbery is considered a Class A felony, which is why defendants should seek the services of an armed robbery lawyer in Columbia immediately.

Potential Consequences of Armed Robbery in Columbia

Armed robbery carries a mandatory minimum of ten years and up to 30 years in prison. It is classified as the most serious offense whereas attempted armed robbery is a Class C felony and could carry up to 20 years in prison. If a person has two prior serious offenses or one prior most serious offense, they would be facing life without parole as a sentencing enhancement. Unless the charge is reduced to attempted armed robbery or other another type of charge or dismissed, the person would be facing, at a minimum, ten years in prison.

A felony charge has many collateral consequences that could prevent a person from obtaining a quality job, from being able to pursue certain opportunities, housing, and different financial aids. Individuals who have been charged with armed robbery should speak to a tenacious defense attorney to learn more about the charges and how the law affects their case.

How a Columbia Armed Robbery Attorney Could Help

In order to secure a conviction, the prosecutor must prove the taking and carrying away of the person’s property with the intent to deprive them by using threat, force, or intimidation while armed with a deadly weapon or having something that a reasonable person would believe to be a deadly weapon. An individual should contact a Columbia armed robbery lawyer because they want the best representation they could get to defend them against the government’s accusations.

You should get help from an attorney who has the training and experience in dealing with felony charges because they will know how to present the case and argue the legal defenses on your behalf. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner they could begin working on your defense.

Columbia Armed Robbery Lawyer