Irmo Drug Lawyer

If you have already been accused of any type of drug crime including possession, distribution, trafficking, you could benefit from speaking with an Irmo drug lawyer. An Irmo drug lawyer could walk you through some of the most appropriate ways to respond to these criminal allegations in a timely fashion.

Choosing to protect your future by hiring an experienced defense attorney that could assist you with upholding your rights and developing a defense strategy. If you have already been accused, be aware that your employment, housing, and even financial aid for college rights could be affected by a drug conviction.

Possession Drug Crimes

Laws are broken down into several categories with drugs: possession, distribution, and trafficking.  These are listed under South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated Title 16.

Anyone who has been accused of any drug crime could be facing fines, jail time, and other criminal consequences. The least severe form of drug charges that could apply in a South Carolina case are those related to possession. Anyone accused of these crimes, however, could still take advantage of the insight of a criminal defense attorney in Irmo to discuss the possible consequences.

For marijuana, a maximum of penalty of 30 days in jail could apply for less than one ounce. Subsequent offenses could lead to longer jail time up to one year and larger quantities that could increase the penalties, too.

Possession of cocaine or meth could lead to a large fine and up to three years in jail for a first offense. Further convictions could carry jail time of up to 30 years.

Distribution and Trafficking Drug Crimes

When a case is elevated to the level of trafficking or distribution crimes, the possible penalties are much stiffer and the stakes are higher for the person accused. As an Irmo drug crime defense attorney could inform the accused, SC laws define intent to distribute as the possession, manufacture, or actual distribution of various substances.

Actions that could be targeted as distribution or trafficking include failing to successfully import drugs, assisting a drug importer financially, manufacturing a large volume of drugs, conspiring with an importer to sell drugs, or delivering a large volume of drugs.

What to Know When Hiring an Irmo Drug Attorney

An Irmo drug lawyer could sit down with you to explain the possible penalties and consequences of the charges to you. The initial consultation with your lawyer is a chance to get questions answered and to learn more about how that attorney might respond in the case. Your lawyer’s earliest opportunity to get involved comes after you have been under investigation or arrested, and most accused persons choose to exercise their right to an attorney at that time.

Your criminal defense attorney could also explore other avenues for resolution including consulting with the prosecution about opportunities to reduce the charges or alternative consequences outside of jail. For those who are already facing multiple criminal drug charges or have a past history of drug allegations, hiring an attorney could help to outline a plan and defense strategy.