Irmo Theft Lawyer

The word theft is used to refer to any crime involving the illegal taking of property belonging to another person. Although the definition is simple, theft laws (aka property crimes) are not, and theft can refer to crimes such as shoplifting and robbery, as well as identity theft and grand theft auto. Theft is prosecuted harshly by the state of South Carolina, and those found guilty can face a variety of legal penalties because of the conviction.

If you are currently facing theft charges, you may be feeling hopeless and powerless. Such feelings are normal, but you should immediately take legal action and hire an Irmo theft lawyer to protect you and your rights. Without a skilled defense attorney, you could end up losing your freedom, reputation, and career in the blink of an eye.

Consequences of a Theft Conviction

It is immensely important to hire a skilled Irmo theft lawyer, even when facing misdemeanor charges. There is no way to predict the punishment a person will face and minor crimes can often result in major consequences; especially for those with a criminal record. If found guilty of theft, South Carolina residents may face the following consequences:

  • Fines and other legal fees
  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Other forms of restitution deemed appropriate by the court

For many individuals, a criminal conviction can result in the loss of a job or professional license. For others, the humiliation associated with a theft conviction can become unbearable and prevent them from reassuming their status in the community. Minors can also lose educational opportunities, scholarships, and admission offers from colleges and universities.

Petit Larceny vs. Grand Larceny

When evaluating a case, courts will examine how much the allegedly stolen item was worth and how it was obtained. If a person used force or stole the property of another person while the person was present, the accused may face more severe robbery charges, which can result in years behind bars. Other types of theft, such as carjacking, can also result in harsher penalties.

Petit larceny, as its name implies, refers to a theft in which an object of relatively little value is stolen. In most jurisdictions, petit larceny is a misdemeanor crime, which can result in shorter jail sentences and less severe punishments. If a person steals an object or service worth less than $500 or $1,000, they can be charged with petit larceny.

Grand larceny is more serious than petit larceny, and it involves the taking of a property valued at greater than $1,000. Grand larceny can result in long prison sentences, especially for those who already have a history of criminal convictions. Grand larceny is almost always considered a felony charge.

Identity Theft

When a person uses the personal information or finances of another person without their permission, they can be convicted of identity theft. Instances of identity theft are on the rise, and for this reason, courts have become more serious about prosecution those charged with such crimes.

Using credit cards, banking information, social security numbers and other personal information without the permission of the owner is almost always classified as identity theft.

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If you are currently facing theft charges, you may be wondering what steps to take to clear your name. Fortunately, by working closely with an attorney, you may be able to get your charges dropped or reduced. There may be a way to fight back, but you must take action as soon as possible.

Get in touch with an Irmo theft lawyer to discuss your charges immediately.