Lexington Student Defense Lawyer

School disciplinary situations can have long-lasting impacts and may affect a student’s ability to graduate, find employment, or go on to graduate school. Unfortunately, many families do not realize how serious student misconduct accusations can be, and they often do not reach out to attorneys in Lexington until it is too late.

If you or your child were accused of a crime or conduct violation at a university or college in or around Lexington, South Carolina, an experienced criminal lawyer may be essential to achieving a positive outcome. Contact a Lexington student defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Common Student Defense Cases

The Lexington area is home to the University of South Carolina as well as a number of technical colleges such as Midlands Technical College. College is a time of exploration and new experiences. Away from their parents for the first time, students enjoy new independence and often look up to their older peers at school. Sometimes the example set by their role models at college are not always positive. Without the support and guidance of their families nearby, young adults may make poor choices and become involved in dangerous and illegal situations.

Why Do Young Adults in School Seek the Help of Attorneys?

Lexington student defense lawyers can help students for various reasons. The most common examples of circumstances needing student defense include are often alcohol-related, due to possessing or distributing to minors, violating probation, manufacturing or using false IDs, and driving under the influence. These same charges may apply to drugs or other controlled substances as well.

More serious charges a college student may be faced with include physical or sexual assault, rape, theft, fraud, computer crimes, stalking or harassment, and invasion of privacy. All these crimes may result in penalties from both local law enforcement and university administration.

Student Misconduct vs. Criminal Charges

Colleges do not always look out for the best interests of students when it comes to dealing with misconduct allegations. Instead, they may be more concerned with their bottom line and reputation in the community. Because student misconduct and disciplinary procedures do not usually involve the criminal justice system, they do not require the same respect for constitutional rights.

If a student is accused of academic cheating, plagiarism, or hazing, they may potentially be interrogated and detained by campus police without an attorney or parent present, and they may be subject to a hearing where they are not allowed outside legal representation.

However, the school cannot prevent a student and their family from seeking outside legal counsel. Just because a lawyer is not allowed in the university hearing does not mean that they are not essential to the process. Lexington student defense lawyers may still accompany a student to a school hearing and wait outside, ready to answer questions and offer advice throughout the proceeding.

Importance of Taking Legal Action

It is also important to have a student defense attorney representing an accused student as soon as possible following an accusation, especially if the conduct alleged may be considered criminal. Without the help of a student defense attorney, a student may potentially say or do something that could jeopardize their defense in a criminal case, if the allegations are turned over to police and prosecutors.

If you find yourself in need of student defense, time may be of the essence. Consider retaining an experienced Lexington student defense lawyer to guide you through the process of dealing both with school disciplinary actions and the criminal justice system, if applicable.

Lexington Student Defense Lawyer