South Carolina Assault Lawyer

Assault is a very common but serious criminal charge in South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, there were over 19,000 arrests made in 2015 for simple assault in South Carolina. In addition, there were over 17,000 additional arrests made for aggravated assault throughout the state in the same year.

If you are facing charges, contact a South Carolina assault lawyer. A dedicated attorney can work with you to understand your side of the story and then can be an aggressive advocate for you.

Assault Charges in South Carolina

Assault can be understood as the unlawful touching of another. South Carolina distinguishes between several degrees of assault, with the lowest being considered a misdemeanor and the most severe being classified as a felony.

What is Simple Assault (Assault and Battery in the Third-Degree)?

Simple assault is an unlawful attack upon another person where the alleged aggressor does not display a weapon or where the person attacked does not suffer severe bodily injury. Simple assault is codified under S.C. Code §16-3-600(E). Under this statute, a simple assault is considered a misdemeanor.

A person facing charges of simple assault may face a fine of up to $500 and a prison sentence of up to 30 days. Therefore, even in a simple assault case, it is important to speak with an experienced assault attorney in South Carolina.

Second-Degree Assault Charges

Second-degree assault is the next level of assault in South Carolina. A person can face these charges if the alleged attack results in moderate bodily injury, or if a moderate bodily injury could have occurred. An example of this may include a person throwing an object at another.

In addition, second-degree assault includes any activity where there is a non-consensual touching of another person’s private parts, either above or below their clothing. If a person faces these charges, they may face a fine of $2,500 and a prison sentence of up to three years.

First Degree Assault Charges

First-degree assault is the most serious degree of the assault charges a person can face in South Carolina. Codified under S.C. Code §16-3-600(C), a person can face charges of first-degree assault if the act involves nonconsensual touching of a person’s private parts or if it results in great bodily injury. In addition, a person can face these accusations if the assault occurs during the commission of a list of enumerated offenses including:

These allegations may result in a fine up to $200 or a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

What Are the Penalties for Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature?

Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature (ABHAN) carry the most severe penalty if convicted. If arrested for ABHAN, a person faces a felony on their criminal record and a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

Providing a Defense

Anyone is who facing these charges probably has a lot of questions and concerns. A well-versed assault lawyer can provide support throughout a case in South Carolina by:

  • Providing information about the charges
  • Offering representation at a bond hearing
  • Providing representation at a preliminary hearing
  • Engaging in negotiations with prosecutors
  • Providing representation at trial
  • Offering defenses and mitigating factors to influence the outcome of the case

A South Carolina Assault Attorney Could Help

If you are facing assault charges, do not wait to contact a South Carolina assault lawyer. A passionate lawyer can be a critical resource during the complicated legal process.

When your freedom and liberty is at stake because of an assault charge, turn to the trusted guidance and legal experience of an accomplished lawyer. Call today to set up a free consultation.