South Carolina Student Defense Lawyer

Many people look back on their college years as some of the best times of their lives. It is a period of growth and learning where students are exposed to many new ideas and experiences. Unfortunately, students sometimes make mistakes.

When this happens, the consequences can extend to both the criminal justice system and university disciplinary boards. Students may be expelled from campus housing or even from a college for seemingly minor infractions.

If you are a student and facing criminal charges or disciplinary action, it may be a good idea to consult an adept defense attorney. A South Carolina student defense lawyer could use their knowledge of the particular issues surrounding student transgressions and could help achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Student Cases Are Unique

A student’s entire world revolves around their university or college campus. On campus property, the disciplinary rules may be stricter than the rule of law (Federal and South Carolina Code of Laws). For example, a student could potentially face eviction from student housing for underage drinking or for committing a relatively minor drug offense.

A student defense attorney is aware of the ways in which a charge could affect a South Carolina student’s life and could work to minimize the consequences of such a charge by guiding them through the legal and university disciplinary processes.

Disciplinary Hearings in South Carolina

It is possible that a student accused of an offense or crime would have to offer a defense at a disciplinary hearing. This may be true even if there is not probable cause to formally charge that student with a crime. This is because the evidentiary rules and standards of proof may be very different at these hearings than they would be in a court of law. In a situation such as this one, it is particularly helpful to speak with a South Carolina student defense lawyer who can explain the different processes.

Common criminal and university allegations students may face include:

It may be that an accused student would have to attend a disciplinary hearing but no criminal hearing or both. In any situation, a student defense lawyer in South Carolina may be able to advise the student and advocate on their behalf.

Talk To a South Carolina Student Defense Attorney

South Carolina is the home of many wonderful colleges and universities. These students have bright futures. However, a minor lapse in judgment or false accusation could threaten a student’s future. They could face suspension or expulsion, and even if they are able to finish their education, they may face difficulty finding jobs or applying to graduate programs.

An experienced attorney understands how a charge may affect a student’s life and could fight to mitigate these consequences. If you are a student who is facing criminal charges or disciplinary action, contact a South Carolina student defense lawyer right away. An attorney can work to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf.