South Carolina Bribery Lawyer

Bribery is a serious crime in South Carolina and could land you in jail. If the state filed bribery charges against you, you should not leave the outcome of your case to chance. If you show up to court without a lawyer present, the judge may make you go forward with your case alone.

A knowledgeable South Carolina bribery lawyer can meet with you to discuss your charge and answer any legal questions you may have about the criminal process.  An accomplished fraud attorney may also be able to help you formulate a solid defense to your bribery charge.

Bribery Laws in South Carolina

Pursuant to the South Carolina Criminal Code, bribery refers to giving or offering something of value (usually money) to:

  • A public official
  • A government employee
  • An elected representative

A person must offer the bribe with the specific intent to encourage the official, employee, or representative to take certain action. Similarly, if the public official, government employee, or elected representative makes a request to receive something of value, this action may also constitute bribery. Finally, if someone encourages a witness to testify in a certain way – or to not appear in court or before an administrative body – that may also amount to bribery.

The state normally prosecutes bribery offenses in the Court of General Sessions. The maximum penalty may be 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. Given the gravity of the charges and their subsequent penalties, it is important for someone facing these charges in South Carolina to consider their options and seek an experienced bribery lawyer who can help.

Possible Defenses

As with all criminal charges in South Carolina, there are several legal defenses available to those facing charges of bribery. As the burden of proof lies with the government, any alternative theory that can cast doubt on the allegations may be considered a viable defense.

Entrapment is one legal defense that may be available to a person facing bribery charges. To show entrapment, the individual must be able to show that another induced them or tricked them into either offering or accepting the bribe.

A court may investigate the entrapment defense if any evidence suggests that someone induced the person to commit bribery. The same is true if the evidence shows reluctance on the part of the accused. A South Carolina attorney can help a person determine whether entrapment may be a viable defense to bribery charges, and if so, may then raise the appropriate evidence in court.

Call a South Carolina Bribery Attorney Today

If the state charged you with bribery, you may need an experienced lawyer by your side. A South Carolina bribery lawyer can safeguard your legal rights while your case is pending in the court system.

Prior to trial, a lawyer can help you understand the charges you are facing and the options you have to defend yourself. They can also discuss the circumstances surrounding your case to help you determine what defenses may be available. Finally, a well-versed attorney can work with you throughout the process and be a fierce advocate for your rights. Call now to get started.