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Financial crimes, such as embezzlement, are often seen as less serious than violent crimes. In fact, a common misconception is that white-collar crimes may be punished less severely than other criminal activities. On the contrary, embezzlement and related financial crimes are serious felonies under state law. Anyone convicted of embezzlement could face steep fines and a long jail sentence.

As with all white-collar criminal cases, embezzlement cases are complex. Prosecutors must prove the defendant intentionally committed certain financial misdeeds in order to gain a conviction.

An experienced attorney could stand up for your rights and defend you against a prosecutorial attack. If you have been charged, call a South Carolina embezzlement lawyer today to discuss your legal defense.

Defining Embezzlement

Embezzlement occurs when someone steals money or other assets which they have responsibility for, but does not belong to them. Most embezzlement cases arise when an employer takes company money or assets for their own personal gain. These cases can arise in every industry, both in the public and private sectors.

A key component to the legal definition of embezzlement is that the accused had responsibility for the assets they allegedly stole. Another key component is that the accused knew the money was not intended for their purposes when they took it.

For example, if a Chief Financial Officer stole company money to buy themselves a sports car, they likely committed embezzlement. The CFO would have had a formal responsibility for those assets given their position in the company and would have known the money was not supposed to be used for their personal gain.

Because the law narrowly defines embezzlement, someone may be wrongfully charged with this crime when their actions do not meet the definition of embezzlement. An experienced South Carolina embezzlement lawyer could examine the facts of the case to craft a unique defense

Embezzlement vs. Other Theft Crimes

The crime of embezzlement is different than other theft crimes. Generally, embezzlement is considered more serious than other related crimes. Additionally, the definition of embezzlement requires that the accused have specific knowledge and commit certain actions before they can be convicted. These requirements include the defendant’s control over assets that do not belong to them and the knowledge that those assets were not to be used for the purposes for which they used them.

Criminal Penalties for Embezzlement

Those convicted of embezzlement could face steep fines and jail time as a result. Typically, someone convicted of this crime has to pay restitution to the victim. This means they have to repay back the money they took. In some cases, the convicted person will also have to pay a fine in addition to restitution.

Those convicted of embezzlement may also be sentenced to jail. The length of the sentence depends on the amount of money they took. A person facing these penalties should contact a South Carolina embezzlement lawyer as soon as possible to get started on building a strong defense.

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