Defending Assault and Battery Charges in Columbia

When facing assault and battery charges in Columbia, it is important to retain an experienced defense attorney. The penalties for an assault and battery conviction could be severe, and depending on which type of assault a person is charged with, individuals could  face a misdemeanor conviction or a felony conviction. Both charges are serious, and a person could face jail time for both. A conviction could affect an individuals ability to obtain housing and jobs, as well as their livelihood and reputation. Their quality of life will also be affected by any type of criminal conviction.

It is best to hire an experienced assault and battery attorney that could provide the best defense possible to try to fight the charges. If convicted, the negative consequences could be life-altering and last the person’s lifetime. Speak to a tenacious defense attorney to learn about defending assault and battery charges in Columbia.

Evidence Needed to Challenge the Prosecution’s Case

The kinds of evidence a defense attorney would gather to challenge the prosecution’s case would include any of the evidence that rebuts the witness or the alleged victim’s statements. They collect video recordings, medical records, and anything that would show that what the complaining witness or the alleged victim said that occurred. They could obtain the evidence by doing an independent investigation.

A skilled defense attorney will look at the validity of the witness’ testimony. Proving those inconsistencies, proving that those were lies, attacking the credibility of the state’s and the government’s cases is the goal, so gathering that evidence and conducting a full independent investigation is critical in building the best defense possible.

A seasoned assault and battery attorney will also consider the defendant’s state of mind, whether they feared the person, whether it was a self-defense case, and whether there is faulty eye-witness testimony. Self-defense is paramount because, with an assault case, it is a possible defense. A defense attorney could review the facts of the case and provide essential help in defending assault and battery charges in Columbia.

Reach Out to an Assault and Battery Attorney

It is important to seek help from a well-practiced lawyer as soon as possible following an arrest and charge. A legal professional could help with all stages of the legal process. Columbia defense lawyers could defend defendants from assault and battery charges by getting all the facts and information for the case including the who, what, when, where, how, and why. Once they collect all those facts, they would then try to identify the available defenses.

They could determine whether there are any constitutional violations and start to plan a strategic defense, trying to build the best possible one. If there is not a position, they have to collect mitigating evidence and provide reasons as to why the person should not be held responsible or go to prison. They could collect all that information from day one.

Let a skilled defense attorney help you with defending assault and battery charges in Columbia. Call today to schedule a consultation.