Columbia Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing in Columbia is a serious offense. If you have been charged with this offense, it is imperative to contact an experienced lawyer. It is likely that the prosecution will pursue this case heavily and with the help of an attorney, you may be able to avoid certain penalties. Contact a Columbia drug manufacturing lawyer who may be able to help you build a strong defense.

Drug Manufacturing Offenses Falling Under Specific Laws

Drug manufacturing can be considered different from other drug crimes, but it is under the same statute as distribution in South Carolina. For example, the statute that covers the distribution of methamphetamine is the same statute that also includes the manufacturing of methamphetamine. It is certainly different from possession and any conspiracy charges, or possession with intent to distribute. It can be found with distribution in the statute, but it is separate. Distribution requires the intent to sell the drug whereas manufacturing requires the intent to prepare, process, and make a drug.

A lot of times, if someone just aided or assisted in that process, they have somehow helped in making the drugs. They could be charged with conspiracy, but often police, federal law enforcement officers, the DEA, the FBI, or Homeland Security are going to charge the person with the substantive offense, that is, the actual principal offense of manufacturing. Alternatively, they could simply be charged with conspiracy, which is also a very severe and significant crime.

Being Charged in Another Country

If someone has prescription drugs in their possession and it is not in the pill bottle provided by the pharmacy, the person may be arrested without proof of a valid prescription. Generally, a good defense attorney will get a copy of the valid prescription and bring it to the prosecutor. A Columbia drug manufacturing attorney may try to get the charge dismissed as soon as possible by proving the person has a valid prescription from a doctor. The decision whether to dismiss a case is always up to the prosecutor.

Columbia Law Enforcement’s Handling of Charges

Columbia’s law enforcement takes these charges very seriously. The health and safety of citizens may be at stake, especially with the manufacturing of methamphetamine specifically. Sometimes children are inside the homes when they catch a buyer and then in hotels in which drug trades occur. This can cause major health concerns for individuals directly involved in the crime or inhabit the same space where drug manufacturing is taking place.

In the most recent epidemic in South Carolina, the opioid epidemic, officers have found many fatalities with Fentanyl in which people have died of drug overdoses and even civil officers who have tried to collect the drugs have died because the drug is so powerful. When Fentanyl is involved and law enforcement knows it, they have to come in with hazmat suits and be very careful on the collection because it is so strong and potentially fatal.

Working With a Columbia Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

A drug manufacturing offense in Columbia is a difficult situation to be in. These cases are complex and could weigh heavy on your shoulders. A possible conviction could also derail your life by forcing you to spend time in jail. If you have been charged with this crime, get in touch with a skilled attorney. A Columbia drug manufacturing lawyer may be able to provide you with the proper legal counsel you deserve.