Columbia Prescription Drug Lawyer

A person who is arrested for this offense could potentially face jail time over these charges. There have been instances in which licensed professionals, such as nurses, get charged with a criminal offense by either through forging a prescription or obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or false pretenses. The Department of Labor may potentially get involved regarding their nursing license and may have to go through that process with the nursing board to challenge a complaint against their license.

For the average person that would get arrested for a controlled substance, they could be facing potential jail time, but if a person is a licensed professional, they may be facing the possibility of losing their occupation and ability to make money.

If you have been charged with a prescription drug-related charge, contact an experienced attorney. A Columbia prescription drug lawyer may be able to help you build a strong defense.

Aspects of Defending Prescription Drug Cases

One aspect that a defense attorney may want to investigate is if the search and seizure of the prescription drugs violated the Constitution. Sometimes, when handling evidence and searching vehicles and searching homes, Constitutional laws could potentially be broken by law enforcement. An attorney that is well seasoned and properly trained may know how to spot those issues.

Some prescription drugs found in criminal cases are pseudo-imitation drugs and they are not easily identifiable. They are typically drug tested in the lab. The issue comes up quite often in imitation drugs regarding whether it falls under the actual law because it is not actually listed by the code of law as it being an illegal controlled substance, it is technically not illegal.

Columbia Law Enforcement Prescription Drug-Related Crimes

Law enforcement has a specific focus on prescription drug-related crimes because of the opioid epidemic. There have been so many fatalities from drug overdoses that it has become a singular focus of law enforcement to try to stop, as much as possible, the drug trade. Standard prescription drugs are not as bad as some of the Fentanyl and heroin overdoses. However, for someone who has a heavy addiction to Xanax or OxyContin, the next step is heroin because of the intense opioid epidemic. And the fatalities with drug overdose have certainly made it a very hot-button topic and a priority for law enforcement in South Carolina.

Being Arrested for Having Prescription Drugs Without Having Possession

If someone has prescription drugs in their possession but it is not in the pill bottle in which it was prescribed, that is against the law and they may be arrested. A defense attorney may get the prescription, take it to the prosecutor, and try to get the charges dismissed, but it is important to note that legally prescribed medications, controlled substances, and prescriptions must be within the same bottle that their person was provided by the pharmacist.

In some cases, individuals could be charged with trafficking prescription drugs. Trafficking large amounts of controlled substances increases the potential of having a high maximum sentence.

Showing Proof of a Prescription

It is always up to the police and prosecutors to enforce the law and have sole discretion in deciding which cases get dismissed. However, if an individual shows proof that they have a legal prescription for the drugs, the case could potentially be dismissed. If that is the case for an individual, they should immediately contact an attorney and provide the attorney with a valid copy of the prescription so that the attorney can get to work on trying to get the case dismissed.

Importance of Having Proper Legal Representation

Cases involving drugs of any sort requires an experienced attorney who understands the law and understands the court systems. A defense attorney well acquainted with the court system, the judges, and other attorneys, may be better prepared to build a strong defense.

If you are being charged with a prescription drug-related charge, contact an experienced attorney. By working with a Columbia prescription drug lawyer, you may be able to build a strong defense for yourself.