Building a Columbia Robbery Defense

Building a Columbia robbery defense can be daunting. A person who is charged with robbery may not feel that they have any legal options. If you or a family member have been charged with a robbery offense, consider speaking with a knowledgeable theft attorney. An attorney could review the circumstances of your case and research potential defense strategies that may be effective for your case. Call and schedule an appointment to begin discussing your case with a qualified legal representative.

Initial Steps of Building a Defense

The first steps of building a Columbia robbery defense may include:

  • Collecting names of witnesses
  • Filing standard motions for discovery
  • Requesting all the evidence gathered by the government
  • Accessing the police report regarding the alleged incident
  • Relaying a personal account of what happened to the defense attorney

While all of these factors are generally important to building a defense for a robbery charge, collecting evidence, and reviewing it could substantially influence a person’s case. Video recordings, photographs, and written or verbal witness statements may reveal insight into the alleged incident. In some cases, a defense attorney might launch their own independent investigation to unearth potential evidence that could support a person’s defense. It is not impossible for the prosecution and law enforcement to miss evidence or in some rare cases suppress it.

Furthermore, a person’s defense may largely benefit from weighing the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s claims. This could allow a person and their dedicated robbery attorney to proactively address certain areas of their case prior to a court appearance.

Aggravating Factors

Every person that is arrested and charged with a crime has the constitutional right to a jury trial. However, it may not always be in an accused person’s best interest to pursue a trial, especially when the initial charge is coupled with aggravating factors. When an accused individual has a prior criminal record, the legal consequences they could be at risk for incurring may be substantially enhanced. A plea deal could reduce some of the risks incurred by enhanced penalties, but an individual considering such an agreement is highly encouraged to speak with an experienced robbery attorney before accepting any terms or conditions. They may have other legal options that could be more effective. Building a Columbia robbery defense with a seasoned lawyer could largely help inform a person’s legal objectives and defense strategies.

Building a Robbery Defense in Columbia

A robbery charge is regarded as a serious offense and may incur harsh legal penalties upon conviction. Someone facing such charges should contact a reliable attorney who could explain the steps of building a Columbia robbery defense. An individual should consult with their legal representative before issuing any statements to the police or a prosecutor. Any statements a person makes could potentially be used against them as their case advances in the legal system. If you or a loved one was accused of a robbery offense, reach out to a professional robbery attorney who could fight for your rights.