Columbia Felony Theft Lawyer

Theft is defined as the act of stealing another individual’s property. The State of South Carolina takes theft offenses very seriously, and convicted individuals could face heavy consequences such as fines and prison time.

To minimize or avoid the consequences of a conviction altogether, it is best to speak to a Columbia felony theft lawyer. They could investigate the alleged offense and help individuals fight the charges against them. A skilled theft attorney could investigate your case and speak to witnesses to help build a strong defense. Individuals should not try to handle their situation alone. Call an attorney today.

What is Felony Theft?

Theft is considered a felony offense if the value of the object stolen was more than $2,000. This would be considered grand larceny. If the value of the object is below $2,000, that would be petit larceny, which would be regarded as a misdemeanor.

In the case of shoplifting, forgery, petit larceny, if the alleged offender had two prior property crime convictions, their third arrest will be enhanced to a felony. There is an enhancement statute that brings the punishment up to a felony that carries a potential prison time up to ten years. Alleged offenders should speak to a Columbia felony theft attorney to learn more about the possible penalties.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Lawyer

Alleged offenders should let their defense attorney know everything about the case. This includes the who, what, when, where, how and why. If they do not know anything regarding the theft incident, then they should let their lawyer know that. It is important to not lie to their attorney because that will only hurt them. It is essential that a Columbia felony theft lawyer knows every detail so that they can begin building a strong defense for the defendant.

The first steps a felony theft lawyer will take is requesting all of the evidence from the government and making sure they have obtained and reviewed all of the available information from the defendant. Then they could start putting the pieces together to see whether there were any constitutional violations and identify any available defenses to the charge.

The benefits of obtaining a seasoned felony theft layer are the fact that they have that training and experience. If someone has had training and experience, they are in an excellent position to deal with a case. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to reach out to a skilled felony theft lawyer in Columbia as soon as possible. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they could begin building a defense.

Speak to a Columbia Felony Theft Attorney Today

A conviction for a felony offense could carry long-lasting consequences including the ability to obtain housing, loans, right to own a firearm, and vote. Those who are facing felony theft charges should seek help from a tenacious Columbia felony theft lawyer.

Let an experienced attorney fight to protect your rights in court. Call today to set up a consultation with a dedicated legal professional.