Role of a Columbia Theft Lawyer

Facing a theft allegation can be frightening and embarrassing. Depending upon the charge and circumstances of the alleged offense, a person could be at risk of receiving significant legal penalties. Furthermore, they may worry about how the charge may impact their current employment or obstruct them from future gainful employment opportunities. Someone charged with theft should consider learning about the role of a Columbia theft lawyer. Call and schedule an appointment with an aggressive theft attorney who could fight for your rights.

Benefits of an Attorney

Retaining an experienced theft lawyer is often an essential part of building a credible defense. An attorney could help educate a person about the laws which may be applicable to their case and research different legal strategies that may effectively refute the theft charge in court. Additionally, a lawyer may be able to launch an independent investigation to determine the validity of the prosecution’s claims. This process could include identifying and sifting through evidence such as photographs, video footage, witness statements and police reports detailing the alleged offense. In some cases, the prosecution or law enforcement officers fail to secure all the available evidence. Furthermore, an attorney could potentially motion to suppress certain evidence if law enforcement obtained it unlawfully.

When to Hire a Lawyer

Anyone charged with theft should immediately contact a skilled defense attorney upon either being placed under investigation or being arrested. If someone receives a target letter, gets contacted by a police officer or investigator about a potential theft offense, they should call an attorney immediately. If they get arrested, they should request to speak with a lawyer before making any statements to the police. Many times, law enforcement and the prosecutor attempt to use statements made by a person against them during a trial or as the case advances. This could substantially reduce the positive effect that the role of a Columbia theft lawyer could play in building a person’s defense.

Other Types of Support an Attorney Could Offer

In some cases, a theft offense may be complicated by other factors such as drug addiction or mental health. An attorney who is familiar with these issues often related to theft offenses could provide support by identifying potential treatment options. The criminal justice system is harsh and the role of a Columbia theft lawyer to defend someone could help protect them.

Learn More About the Role of a Theft Attorney in Columbia

Someone who was charged with a theft offense may not feel that they have many legal options. As a result, a person may wonder if retaining a professional legal representative is worth their time and money. It is important to understand that without proper legal counsel, a person that proceeds to trial could be placed at high risk for incurring significant consequences such as jail time, costly fines, and a permanent record. If you or a family member were arrested for an alleged theft, call a reliable theft attorney. They could explain the role of a Columbia theft lawyer and review the facts surrounding your case. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.