Forest Acres Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are many potential consequences to a domestic violence, third degree, conviction. You could go to jail for 90 days, pay a fine of up to $5,000 and required to attend domestic abuse counseling for several months. You could be required to give up for firearms, perhaps permanently, and be restricted from purchasing other firearms or getting a concealed carry permit. Also, you may not be able to secure housing or loans as well. One of the most severe consequences of a conviction is not immediately obvious. This is the impact the conviction has on your future employment prospects. It may be difficult to obtain a job which could affect you and your family. Do not fight these charges alone, a lawyer could help.

If you have been charged with a crime, a seasoned  Forest Acres domestic violence lawyer could help your case. They could help ensure that your rights are protected and you are aware of all your legal options. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could help fight the charges against you.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence in Forest Acres? 

South Carolina Statutes section 16-25-10 defines a household member as

  • A spouse
  • A former spouse
  • People who have a child in common
  • A male and female who are living together or formerly have lived together

A person does not need to cause significant physical harm to another person to be charged with domestic violence. An individual could be charged if they harm or attempt to cause injury to a household member and has the present or imminent ability to cause harm. In other words, threats count as committing domestic violence as long as the person threatening has the ability to follow through on the threat and has indicated a desire to follow through.

Domestic Violence Arrests

By law, if officers are called to a domestic violence incident, someone is possibly injured and there is cause to believe the injury was proximate in time, the officers will arrest the suspect. Sometimes officers make an immediate arrest even if there is no evidence of injury. However, there may still be a charge of domestic violence without evidence of actual injury. If there is evidence of threats, as previously discussed, that is also domestic violence.

The crackdown on domestic violence in South Carolina and other states means that once a spouse or partner files a complaint and the police officer makes a charge and the defendant is arrested, the spouse or partner cannot drop the charges.  When two peoples’ lives are entwined, the authorities know there are many opportunities to pressure the alleged victim to recant, to try to make the case go away. They could request the charges be dropped, but the prosecutor and court have the ultimate discretion as to whether the case moves forward or is dismissed. An experienced attorney could help individuals combat the charges against them and help to get the case dropped or lessen the charges.

Speak with a Forest Acres Domestic Violence Attorney 

In every household, or marriage, or relationship, people get on each other’s nerves, tempers flare, things are said that should not have been said. The passion that holds a couple together leaves each party emotionally vulnerable, and that could lead to a moment of rage that crosses the line into violence.

If that happens to you and you find yourself charged with domestic violence, it is important to get a Forest Acres domestic violence lawyer with deep experience and knowledge in handling domestic violence cases. Call today to schedule a consultation.