Forest Acres Fraud Lawyer

Being charged with fraud can be a frightening experience. Attempting to fight the charges on your own can be overwhelming. An attorney could assist you in several ways, including navigating the legal system, answering your legal questions, and fighting on your behalf.

Hire a Forest Acres fraud lawyer to assist you in working to attain the best possible legal resolution to your situation. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could help provide you with all your legal options and help you protect your rights.

What Constitutes Fraud in South Carolina

Several types of criminal offenses are categorized as fraud under South Carolina’s Code of Laws Title 16, Chapter 13. An attorney in Forest Acres could answer questions pertaining to the specific type of fraud charges an individual might be facing. The following are examples of some of the different types of fraud charges a person could face in Forest Acres:

  • Committing identity fraud in an attempt to fraudulently gain employment
  • Committing identity fraud in order to avoid being identified by a law enforcement or police officer.
  • Seizing valuables, money, or documents while impersonating a law enforcement or police officer.
  • Making, issuing, or selling fake documents and identification cards, such as birth certificates and drivers’ licenses, for use by a person unlawfully in the U.S.
  • Using fraudulent methods to gain access to another person’s financial information without the permission of that person.
  • Using or providing fraudulent information, such as a fake driver’s license, in an attempt to receive a merchandise refund from a business.
  • Creating fraudulent product codes with the intent to purchase items from a store at a lower price.
  • Fraudulently acquiring or using food stamps.
  • Falsifying or altering a GED, diploma, or academic transcripts.

Potential Penalties for a Fraud Conviction

The possible legal penalties for convictions of fraud in Forest Acres depend on the exact charges, and whether the charges are for a misdemeanor or felony offense. The legal penalties for felony offenses are more severe than for misdemeanor offenses. The penalties also tend to be more severe for subsequent convictions of the same charge.

The possible penalty for certain misdemeanor fraud offenses, such as falsification of an academic transcript, is imprisonment of no more than one year, a fine of not more than $1,000, or both a fine and imprisonment. For some felony fraud offenses, such as a second or third conviction for creating false product codes, the penalty can be imprisonment of not more than ten years, a fine of not more than $10,000, or both.

An experienced attorney could provide an overview of the possible legal penalties associated with a conviction for a specific fraud charge.

The Role of Your Fraud Attorney

A Forest Acres fraud attorney could help individuals facing fraud charges in many ways. A fraud attorney could explain the specific charges being faced, as well as the possible legal penalties associated with a conviction or guilty plea. A skilled lawyer could also answer whatever legal questions a person might have.

A dedicated Fraud lawyer in Forest Acres could help individuals facing fraud charges navigate the legal process, while also fighting the charges on their behalf.

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Do not attempt to fight fraud charges on your own. Let a fraud attorney who is familiar with the legal system and who knows how to best fight fraud charges handle your case. Contact a fraud lawyer in Forest Acres today for assistance fighting the charges you are facing.