Forest Acres Expungement Lawyer

An expungement refers to a court order to remove certain items from a person’s criminal record, such as charges for specific offenses. In the state of South Carolina, expungements are also known as orders for the destruction of arrest records. Not everything on a person’s criminal record is eligible for expungement, but many first-time or minor offenses are eligible.

A Forest Acres expungement lawyer can help you identify specific items from your record that are potentially eligible to be expunged and file the required paperwork on your behalf. Hire a seasoned criminal defense attorney to assist you today.

Benefits of Expunging Items from a Criminal Record

There are several potential benefits to having items expunged from a criminal record. Expunging an offense means it can no longer be seen by potential employers, landlords, or others who might run a background check on a person.

Having items expunged from a criminal record can be helpful when applying for a new job, a professional license, a rental property, or for membership in a professional organization.

What is Eligible to be Expunged in Forest Acres?

Only certain items on a criminal record are eligible to be expunged in Forest Acres, South Carolina. Expungement is outlined in South Carolina’s Code of Laws (see Title 17, Chapter 22, Article 9).

Major offenses are excluded from expungement, but many different types of first-time and minor offenses are eligible. Even though a particular item is eligible for expungement, there is no guarantee it will actually be expunged from a person’s criminal record.

An expungement attorney in Forest Acres can handle the expungement process for individuals with eligible items on their records. Some examples of items eligible to be expunged include:

  • Non-violent juvenile offenses
  • Verdicts of not guilty and non-convictions
  • A first-time offense conviction for the simple possession of marijuana
  • First-time offense convictions with a penalty of imprisonment for no more than 30 days or a fine of not more than $500
  • Offenses for which charges were dismissed after successfully completing a court-ordered program, including an alcohol education program, a pre-trial intervention program, or a traffic education program

What is not Eligible for Expungement?

While many first-time and minor offenses are eligible for expungement in Forest Acres, many other types of offenses are not. Most felonies and major offenses, including violent offenses, are not eligible to be expunged. Traffic offenses and DUIs are also not eligible for expungement either.

An expungement attorney could provide an overview of the different types of specific offenses that cannot be expunged from a criminal record in Forest Acres.

How an Expungement Attorney Could Help

A seasoned lawyer in Forest Acres can provide assistance with the expungement process in several ways. Some ways in which an expungement lawyer could help include:

  • Explaining which types of offenses are eligible for expungement
  • Identifying items on a person’s criminal record that might be eligible
  • Explaining the expungement process and the steps involved
  • Filling out all required expungement paperwork
  • Filing expungement requests with the court

Reach Out to a Forest Acres Expungement Lawyer Today

Avoid making costly errors that could reduce the chances of having eligible items expunged from your criminal record. Hire an expungement attorney to handle all the details for you, from completing the appropriate paperwork to filing all necessary documents with the court within the required time frame. Contact a Forest Acres attorney for expungement today.