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A DUI charge can negatively affect your life and may even rob you of your driver’s license. DUI charges can lead to high fines, the requirement of classes, or even time spent in prison. The severity of the offense depends greatly on the specific facts of your case, including any prior DUI offenses. A skilled attorney can protect your current and future rights from overzealous prosecutors.

If you are facing DUI charges in Spartanburg, an experienced Spartanburg DUI lawyer is ready to defend your case. A strong defense may get your life back on track.

Types of DUI Offenses

There is a wide variety of DUI offenses under South Carolina law. Many handle unique factual situations related to a person’s impaired driving. Some of the common DUI offenses under state law include, but are not limited to:

  • First, second, third, and subsequent DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • Underage DUI
  • Boating under the Influence
  • DUI on a Military Base
  • DUI drugs
  • Flying under the Influence

While there are more variations of possible DUI offenses, these common versions may be the type a typical criminal defendant faces. Prosecutors tend to prosecute DUI cases vigorously, but at times, they are overzealous in the type of offense they charge. A DUI attorney in Spartanburg may reduce or even dismiss the charges against the defendant.

Possible Consequences of a DUI Conviction

The specific consequences a person may face from a DUI conviction depend greatly on the specific offense for which they are charged. Generally speaking, penalties tend to increase when a person is convicted of repeat DUI offenses, has a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), or causes bodily injury or death as a result of the DUI offense.

Potential penalties that are applicable to DUI’s generally include:

  • Significant prison time
  • Large fines
  • The suspension or revocation of a driver’s license
  • Loss of the ability to gain or maintain employment
  • A requirement to obtain expensive SR-22 high risk insurance
  • A requirement to attend driver safety or addiction classes

With the help of a DUI attorney in Spartanburg, a criminal defendant will know specifically what penalties are possible based on their individual charge. Knowing the risks and potential penalties can help a defendant plan their defense and put up a strong fight.

How Law Enforcement Test for Intoxication

Law enforcement are always on the lookout for intoxicated drivers. To do so they employ a number of different methods of testing. This will include:

  • A roadside breath test
  • A breath test at the police station
  • Blood tests
  • Law enforcement observations
  • Field sobriety tests

In many cases a conviction may be based upon the law enforcement officer’s own observations of intoxication, and may not be based on objective scientific evidence. This often opens the door to challenging the officer’s observations in court in order to defend the defendant against the charges.

Even scientific BAC tests or drug tests can be wrong, or may be done in an unconstitutional manner. A skilled DUI defense lawyer knows how to analyze a case for these common police mistakes to present a strong defense.

Contact a DUI Attorney in Spartanburg for a Case Consultation

DUI charges should never be taken lightly. Even if the charge is a first time DUI and a misdemeanor, severe penalties can still affect you. You have the right to have your case analyzed by a competent attorney and a defense created that is unique to you and your situation.

Contact an experienced Spartanburg DUI lawyer today to begin your defense.

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