Spartanburg Failure to Appear Lawyer

If you fail to make an appearance at a previously schedule court hearing, you may face a great deal of trouble. Both prosecutors and courts take these absences seriously and will often bring additional charges against you as a result. However, a missed appearance may have been caused by something out of your control or may have simply been an accident.

No matter the situation, a seasoned attorney could help you defend against these additional criminal charges and work to reduce or avoid extra penalties. Talk to a Spartanburg failure to appear lawyer to determine an effective strategy for your particular case.

Charges for Missing Scheduled Court Hearings in Spartanburg

Failure to appear charges can be brought for any party who misses their scheduled court date. A defendant could face criminal penalties for failing to appear in court. The severity of penalties will depend on the type of hearing that the person missed and the reason for their absence.

In less serious hearings such as traffic violations, child support hearings, or other types of non-criminal matters, a non-appearance may not result in charges. Instead, it could result in a bench warrant issues for the person’s arrest.

More commonly, a person who misses their court date may be found in contempt of court, which has its own penalties. Defendants have the right to contest contempt charges with the help of a skilled failure to appear lawyer in their area.

Failure to Appear in Criminal Cases

When the failure to appear occurs in a criminal case, the penalties are typically much more serious. Missing these types of scheduled court dates can result in criminal charges that accompany high fines and lengthy prison sentences, depending on the situation.

Often, a failure to appear for a felony case will be more serious than a failure to appear for a misdemeanor. If a defendant misses their court appearance, the outcome of their case will heavily depend on the defense and reasoning that they present. This is one of the many reasons that anyone facing failure to appear charges in Spartanburg should work with an experienced attorney.

Own Recognizance and Bail Penalties for Failure to Appear

If a defendant is released from jail on their own recognizance or while on bail, additional charges may result for failing to appear in court. In misdemeanor cases, a person could face penalties such as:

  • A maximum fine of up to $1,000
  • A maximum jail term of up to one year

If the defendant fails to appear in a felony case, the penalties are even stricter. Their bail may be revoked, forcing them to spend the rest of their trial time in jail. They also face additional criminal penalties such as:

  • A maximum fine of up to $5,000
  • A maximum prison term of up to five years

In these scenarios, a rigorous defense presented by a skilled attorney may be necessary to prevent these additional criminal penalties.

Call a Spartanburg Failure to Appear Attorney for Legal Help

If you face failure to appear charges, you deserve legal protection and a fair explanation of your absence. Exercise your constitutional right to defend your case by reaching out to a seasoned attorney at our firm. Contact an experienced Spartanburg failure to appear lawyer today to get started on your defense.