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The legal category of fraud covers a lot of ground. In general, fraud refers to something done deceptively or without proper authority. For example, making a purchase with an expired credit card could lead to a fraud charge under certain circumstances. If you were charged with fraud, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your community. Schedule an appointment with a Summerville fraud lawyer to gain a better understanding of the charge and devise a pragmatic defense against it.

Fraudulent Business Licenses in Summerville

Under §8-45(3) of the Code of Ordinances, Town of Summerville, South Carolina, a Summerville license official may revoke or suspend a fraudulently obtained business license. The violation notice will give the reason for the suspension and proposed revocation, include a copy of the relevant law, and state the scheduled date of a revocation hearing before the town council, which must take place no more than 30 days from the issuance of the notice.

Under §8-46, the licensee may appeal a decision within ten days of receiving it by submitting a written request to the license official, after which the appeal before the town council will take place within 30 days and be decided by a majority vote of the members. Any party has the right to have a lawyer represent them, to submit evidence and present testimony, and to cross-examine witnesses.

Identity Fraud or Financial Identity Fraud

The crimes and offenses in Title 16 of the South Carolina Code of Laws (“S.C. Code”) include a variety of offenses addressing circumstances under which fraud can occur. Financial identity or identity fraud, per §16-13-510, occurs when someone engages unlawfully in certain acts without the permission or authorization of another. Examples include:

  • Devising a scheme to defraud
  • Appropriating the financial resources of another person to one’s own use or a third party’s use
  • Obtaining by false pretenses another person’s money, property, or services, or accessing or attempting to access the other person’s financial resources by obtaining identifying information that allows access to those resources

Someone charged with financial identity fraud faces a felony and upon conviction receives a fine in the discretion of the court, imprisonment for up to ten years, or both. The court may also order restitution, requiring that the person subjected to fraud be reimbursed for losses. It may be wise to consult with a local fraud attorney who understands the law and can further explain the potential consequences of a conviction.

Additional Fraud Offenses

Other fraud offenses provided in the S.C. Code include, to name a few, burning personal property to defraud an insurer, per §16-11-130, product code creation to fraudulently obtain goods, per §16-13-131, fraudulent acquisition or use of food stamps, per §16-13-430, defrauding drug and alcohol screening tests, per §16-13-470, and providing false identifications for use by unlawful aliens, per §16-13-480.

Under S.C. Code §16-14-60, a person commits financial transaction card fraud when, with intent to defraud the card issuer or someone else, they use someone else’s card, an altered or forged card, an expired, duplicated, or revoked card, or one obtained or used in a dishonest or misleading way.

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