Summerville Fake ID Lawyer

A conviction for possession of a fake ID can follow you forever. While many people thing laughingly of a movie scene where fake ID is used to get into a bar, or buy alcohol underage, a criminal charge can have long-lasting and serious effects on your future. It is often possible to defend against these charges and to prevent the worst possible consequences following a criminal charge.

With the help of an experienced Summerville Fake ID lawyer, you can defend your constitutional rights with confidence. A knowledgeable fraud attorney could review the facts of the case and help you build a defense.

What is a Fake ID?

Under state law, a “fake ID” is any form of identification that contains falsified or fraudulent information. It may also be any form of identification that is not properly issued by an appropriate government agency.

Examples of identification that may qualify as a Fake ID include a driver’s license, a passport, or a personal identification card. Use of these types of identifications in a fraudulent manner can result in significant criminal penalties.

Unlawful Use of a License

Under South Carolina’s motor vehicle code, Section 56-1-510 specifically forbids certain conduct related to the use of a driver’s license or personal identification card. The law forbids:

  • The use, display, or possession of a revoked, canceled, suspended, or fraudulently altered personal ID or driver’s license
  • The lending of a driver’s license or personal ID to any other person or its knowing use by another person
  • The display or representation of an ID as one’s own when a violation of this section occurs
  • The failure to surrender to the Department of Motor Vehicles any lawful demand for a license that was canceled, suspended, or revoked
  • The use of any fictitious or false name on a driver’s license or personal ID or any other knowing concealment of a material fact on an application

It can be a violation of the law simply to possess a driver’s license or personal ID card that was suspended, revoked, or cancelled. When a driver’s license or personal ID is used in the commission of another offense, this may increase the potential penalties. A strong criminal defense is necessary to protect a defendant from the worst possible consequences.

Penalties for Use of a Fake ID

The penalties for violating Section 56-1-510 are a misdemeanor with different penalties based upon whether the offense is a first conviction or a subsequent conviction.

For those convicted of their first fake ID offense, the misdemeanor is punishable by up to $200 in fines and up to thirty days in jail. This also creates a criminal record that can make it difficult to gain employment, go to school, and obtain special licensure.

When a person is convicted of a second or subsequent fake ID offense, the misdemeanor is now punishable by up to $500 in fines and a jail term of not more than six months. This increased penalty can greatly affect a defendant’s life, interfering with employment and many other aspects of a person’s life.

A strong defense is necessary to attempt to prevent jail time and these high fines. A skilled criminal defense lawyer in Summerville has the necessary experience to help.

Let a Summerville Fake ID Attorney Defend Your Case

Fake ID charges are more than simple mischief. A conviction can have serious ramifications that can affect your entire life. Putting up a defense to these charges is a necessary part of protecting your constitutional rights.

An experienced Summerville Fake ID lawyer is ready to fight for you. Contact us today for a consultation of your case.